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Computer Pranks To Pull On Less Tech Savvy Friends

     There are several computer pranks one can play on their less tech savvy friends and colleagues. This is meant to confuse and intimidate others into thinking that they have missed something on their computer and usually comes with a laugh where someone else knows what you are doing. Below are some pranks that one can pull on colleagues the moment they step away from their workstation.

Computer screen flip - the moment a colleague steps away from their computer one can press the keys Control, ALT and Down keys on the keyboard together. This makes the computer screen flip upside down which makes the user either tilt their head while reading or tilt the entire screen to read what is on the screen.

Another quick prank that one can pull is the computer contrast change. Setting high contrast mode on a computer is simple as one only has to press the keys Shift, ALT and Print screen together on the keyboard to achieve a different system color scheme.

One can as well mess with a person's mouse pointer. By use of a wireless mouse, connect the receiver to the victim's computer and control the mouse pointer movements from a distance. This prank works perfectly with people who do delicate work dealing with graphics as an aimlessly moving mouse pointer is cumbersome for them to work with.

A classic prank for computers is the blank icons on desktop. To do this one should get a screen shot of the desktop with all the icons and then set the taken screenshot as wallpaper. Once done, hide all the icons and leave that station. It will be a funny thing seeing how one keeps trying to open icons which are not functional.

Another challenging prank for computer users is the language switch. Computers with Administrator access will allow one to get to start then control panel, clock, language and region consecutively and finally reach the regional and language options. On this one should change details on the Keyboards and Languages to confuse the user of a system.

On the above language change option one can as well confuse a user by changing Keyboard from the normal QWERTY keyboard to a Dvorak keyboard. This can be achieved by changing settings by accessing Start button then to control panel and clock, from where there is the Language and Region through which one can change the Keyboards by adding any other keyboard from the add button and setting it as default.

A computer reset shortcut prank can be pulled through a commonly and frequently used application. This could be the browser application whose properties can be changed and targeted to "%windir%system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00" this will make the computer restart every time the browser application is launched which is a puzzle for those without much computer know how.
Above pranks are ways to have fun either at the office or even at home or in school. One thing to note is to be careful who you prank as some pranks might cost you. Do not play such pranks on your boss as they might just get you fired.

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