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Conservatives Attack the Lifeline Assistance Program

     For many people, the high cost of cellular communications has left them in the proverbial dark. They have been relegated to dealing with a variety of issues that make it difficult to communicate with others. Not only that, many low income families can't even talk to each other when there's an emergency abounding. Conservatives seem to think that this is somewhat fair in a free market society, as those that can afford to have a cell phone buy them and those that don't, simply don't have a way to talk to anyone. Unfortunately that is not fair and that's why the Lifeline Assistance idea started to come into the picture.

Four major carriers have united with the United States Government to help with the communication gap that is currently being experienced by those that are less fortunate. Those that cannot afford the high cost of a digital cellular phone can now acquire one for free, and get service for free as well. This might sound like a crazy plot, but it's 100% accurate and true. You'll find that this will allow anyone to move forward with relative ease and get the proper communication device that is standard today.

Conservatives often times want to pull away the government's assistance on the less fortunate because they do not believe in handouts. But when they start to argue their point, counterpoints are easily brought up that defeat their ideas. For instance, if a person can't make or receive phone calls, how are they to get a job? Your standard job application today has a form that you have to fill out in order to get any major position and in that form it has a line for a phone number. With the ubiquitous nature of cellular communications, no one really has a landline, and even that costs a great deal of money these days.

It's with that in mind that people can now simply move forward and get a free phone. The free phone plans are simple, and they are budgeted for use within the parameters of certain regulations. That means that not just anyone can procure one of these devices. In order to qualify for this option, you have to be under the poverty line and have proof of that notion. Not just anyone can waltz into a provider and get the service, which is why this is an amazing option for those in need.

Pundits and naysayers don't realize that in these modern times, it's crucial to have the option to call someone at any given moment. This is especially true in times of emergency when help is needed and 911 isn't available otherwise. Conservatives can attack all they want, but the current landscape has already shifted away from what they want. With more and more people waking up to the free options, the government continues to do good by those in need. If you or someone you know is in need, it's imperative to note that you can get a free cellular phone, 250 free minutes, and get networking to move forward and into a better financial state.

If you are looking for free government cell phones, click on the link. Or you can visit today!

If you are looking for free government cell phones, click on the link. Or you can visit today!

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If you are looking for free government cell phones, click on the link. Or you can visit today!

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