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CPA Firms and Functions

     Many CPA firms have turned out to be well established and most reputed companies in America. Basic functions of CPA firms include accounting systems, auditing and attestation, taxation, management consulting, business valuation, information systems consulting, information systems auditing and forensic accounting. This is why CPAs are so important for successful businesses and entrepreneurs, as they count on these firms for keeping them financially on target and ahead of the game.

CPA firms usually collaborate with well-educated, efficient individuals who play a significant role in the growth in their company. For improving their skills, these firms hire staff that updates their skills on a regular basis, to match up with the market standards.

CPA firms are expected to have established standards, policies and procedures appropriate to the various areas for facilitating volumes of reports they have to create. The policies could be as precise as managing cash flow, software billing, and recovery. Every CPA firms makes these policies known to the employees through training and written content. The Internet technology is also used for educational purposes. Moreover, CPA firms should constantly grow with the clients, fulfill their changing needs and remain relevant to them.

In present times, there has been greater state and federal regulation, increased focus on corporate governance and rigorous analysis by he general public and media. Due to this CPA firms have an increased concentration on risk management. While many CPA firms know the importance of dealing with the financial statement audit risks, they cannot overlook the tax engagement risks. If not, these firms may have to handle losing clients, malpractice suits, incur state and Federal penalties and damage their reputation.

In addition to the typical accounting functions, there are many specialty disciplines:

. Assurance and Audit: To ensure that the financial statements correctly present the financial performance of the company.

. Financial and Tax Planning: Recommending tax, investment, and savings options for eliminating control expenses, debt, optimize investments, and minimize tax burdens.

. Internal Auditing: Evaluating efficiency of an entity control structure, as an outside consultant or an employee. CPA professionals are in demand on account of new corporate governance rules and regulations.

. IT Services: Integrating, Designing, and applying advanced software systems that function as a link between organizational goals and software/hardware.

. Forensic Accounting: Detecting, preventing, and looking into financial frauds like securities fraud, embezzlement, money-laundering schemes, and tax evasion. Requests for this specialty have significantly grown due to various corporate scandals.

. International Accounting: Companies embracing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) want accountants for reuniting IFRS with U.S. GAAP.

. Environmental Accounting: Dealing with how companies can be both environmentally profitable and responsible. This means concentrating on various projects like management and prevention of claims and disputes and environmental compliance audits.

. Consulting Services: Offering different specialty services for companies that include strategy and operations planning, financial planning, and performance management.

. Financial Analysis: Evaluation of identifying trends, business data, and contribute to the long-term strategies of a firm.

. General Accounting: Performing account analysis and reconciliation, processing journal entries, preparing payroll, sales, using tax, and other local tax filings.

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