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Criminal Record Checking - How Important is It to Obtain Pardons in Canada?

     In Canada, if you have a criminal record, you will find that you are greatly restricted in the things you can do even though you have completed your sentence. To improve your life that is free of discrimination, it is important to obtain a criminal pardon. When you have a criminal pardon, you will find that the doors of opportunity will open allowing you to regain your place as a law abiding citizen of Canada.


When you have a criminal record, you will be faced with many hindrances in your career choices. Most employers will perform a criminal record search before they hire a job candidate and if they discover a criminal record, they will often not hire that person. If you want to be self-employed where you do work for other businesses, often the businesses will do a criminal record check before they enlist your services. A criminal record will reduce your chances of getting a contract. If you are in a job where you apply for a promotion, a criminal record will reduce your chances of getting a promotion. As well, most job applications have a question about whether you have a criminal record. If you have a criminal pardon, an employer will never know that you had a criminal record.


Today, many landlords will do a criminal record check before they rent an apartment, room, or house. If you have a criminal record you may be rejected for a rental.


When an employee is bonded, this means that the employer paid insurance against the risk of employee crimes such as theft. If you have a criminal record, it will be very expensive for an employer to bond you. For this reason, the employer will likely not hire you.

Canadian Immigration (CIC)

A criminal record can result in rejection of an immigration application. It can also be delayed or put on hold. Or, you could be deported, even if you have residency status since childhood. As well, you can be denied access to Canada if you are coming from the US. The US also has laws prohibiting people from Canada with a criminal record from and living in the US. Applying for and getting a pardon will resolve such immigration and travel issues.

Custody of your Children

Your child custody and visitation rights may be affected such as being eliminated or reduced if you have a criminal record. Judges do not look kindly upon people with criminal records in family court. If you want to volunteer at your child's school, you may be denied if you have a criminal record. It is wise to start the pardon process as it will show a judge that you have reformed. Also, a criminal record can prevent you from adopting a child or becoming a foster parent.

The stigma of a criminal record can not only restrict your life choices, but it can also be a distressing stigma. The best thing you can do is get a criminal record pardon from the Government of Canada. There are companies that specialize in getting people pardoned which can help you get your pardon in a very efficient and timely manner. It is well worth getting a criminal pardon in Canada.

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