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Dealing with Hair loss or the Art of Wig Buying v2 12062010 (1010 words)

     When one is diagnosed with cancer, they eventually have to find the courage in themselves to seek treatment. Just like any treatment regiment, cancer treatments come with side effects too. While most of these side effects can be controlled and managed, one side effect that you would need to expect is hair loss or alopecia.While treatment is prescribed on a case by case basis, the most common forms of treatment normally involve a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals (medication) to destroy cancer cells.Drugs are administered either orally or directly in the blood stream to prevent cancer cells from dividing and multiplying. Despite the progress of medicine at better targeting only cancer cells, this also affects the growth of healthy cells and this in side effects like hair loss. The extent of hair loss caused due to these treatments depends of the kind of cancer, types of medication and on the patient. Hair loss can involve hair thinning, total hair loss, and even loss of body hair. However, after consulting with your doctor to learn more about your treatment regiment, you can take some action to handle this temporary hair loss.
Hair loss is especially traumatizing for women, as men naturally tend to lose their hair over time. This therefore is less embarrassing for men. Either way, this side effect is often very hard for the patient to deal with as it is a constant reminder of their cancer. It is important that one views these side effects as their path to fight the demon called cancer and take the needed steps to handle the temporary effects while combatting the illness.
Hair loss usually starts about 10 days after the first chemotherapy session and it will start growing back 5 to 6 weeks after the end of the treatment session. To keep your spirits up through the tiring treatment sessions, you need to feel good about yourself and look good. You need to feel like a winner and start looking good.There are a few options that people normally choose, such as "hair prosthesis" or wigs, scarves, turbans, hats or deciding to stay bald. This is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong choice. The only thing that matters is that you feel good about yourself. Here are some pointers and advice to help you be prepared to look and feel your best during chemotherapy.Your first reaction could be to dare the cancer and do something bold, like stay bald or wear a hot pink wig. However, bear in mind that you will need to live with this decision for a couple of months. So you might want to stay away from a look that will attract too much attention and inevitably lead to unwarranted enquiries that would make you uncomfortable.
The best approach to keep your usual look is the wig. While you could use real or synthetic hair to create a wig, most hair stylists today recommend synthetic hair. This is because new materials look natural like hair extensions, and they are much easier to maintain. There is no need to wash and brush these wigs. You should make an appointment with your salon before starting your treatment so that the hairdresser can see your natural hair color and hair volume to duplicate it. This is when you’ll choose what type of wig you want. If you have long hair, you might want to consider getting a shorter hair cut before starting your treatment as it will be less traumatizing to lose your hair and it will be easier to fit the wig. Here are some tips to choose your wig. Select a color slightly lighter than your natural color as your skin will probably get paler over the treatment session and don’t forget to check the color in a natural light setting. Don’t hesitate to go for a shorter hair cut as it will make your face look healthier if you lose a lot of weight and lastly, don’t forget to take pictures to have a model to put the wig on by yourself!You will need to go back to the salon when your treatment starts. This is to adjust the wig to your head and get a final cut to adjust it perfectly before taking it home. This is when some people decide to shave their head to avoid the trauma of the hair loss. If you decide to let your hair fall naturally, you should consider wearing a hair net at night to avoid the trauma of finding hair all over your pillow in the morning.You will probably want to alternate between wearing your wig and some scarves or turbans, as wigs can get uncomfortable when it’s hot and the treatments makes the skin particularly sensitive during hot days. Change is fun anyway! If you can afford a few different wigs and want to look your best, perhaps you could choose another wig of the same color but in a different style. Don’t forget to go back to the salon every other week to get your wig styled and refreshed. It will make you feel your best and it is a minimal worthwhile investment. In conclusion, don’t forget that hair loss associated to chemotherapy is a temporary situation. Be sure to understand this and do what is necessary to get through the fight of cancer and their side effects.
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