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Detox The Body And Mind Of Alcohol

     For many people, drinking alcohol is something they "just do". It only becomes a problem when a person finds themselves drinking too much. For some people, drinking too much could mean that they intended to have just one drink but ended up having more than that. For others, it means they drink every night. And for others, it means that when they drink, they just dont know where they will end up and with who. A very wise man once stated that he would never have stopped drinking alcohol if he could have stopped drinking. That pretty much sums up the concept of controlling alcohol.

When you decide to quit alcohol, it may seem confusing to know what to do after that, where to seek help and if indeed to seek help at all. Are you an alcoholic? Should you attend meetings at Alcohol Anonymous? Are you a problem drinker? Do you need councilling? The answer is that you probably do need help, if you are to stay alcohol free. Why? Because you started drinking for a reason and you still drink for a reason. Once you have detoxed your body, you need to detox your brain and to remove the conditioning which kept you drinking for so long.

So where should you start? What should you do next? Whether you are a problem drinker, who occasionally makes an ass of themselves or finds themselves doing things which they had not meant to do or if you are a long term heavy drinker who has come through a formal rehabilitation plan and are now attending AA, then you may benefit from the simple steps laid out in this article.

Now that you have stopped drinking, you have the rest of your life to enjoy living an alcohol free, healthy life, to learn new skills to help you cope and replace the thoughts that kept you drinking for this long and to enjoy the journey of bringing your body back to health. Lets start with your body. After many years of binge drinking, your liver has had to cope with toxicity to levels which have put it under more pressure than it was designed for. Unbelievably the human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and even long term alcoholics sometimes show no signs of cirrhosis or liver damage. Whether or not this is the case, as soon as you are medically cleared to do so by your GP, you should undertake a full body detox. Colonic irrigation and liver enemas are highly beneficial in removing years of toxins and giving your body the best chance possible to heal itself.

You should combine your colonic irrigation and liver enema detox with a nutritional plan packed with super foods to build your body and you mind back up to its full glory. This will benefit your body in a number of unseen ways but it will also perform one very important function. It will make you realise how good it is actually possible to feel without alcohol. This is a feeling that some people are have never felt before and guess what; there is no hangover afterwards. After you have experienced the feeling that health and well being can bring, one which accompanies a clean and healthy body, you will be less inclined to fill your body with toxins and alcohol. You should drink 2 litres of water per day and introduce herbal tea into your diet for optimal hydration. Supplementation in the form of chromium, Vitamin B and C are beneficial to restore the bodys functions. Whilst these vitamins are generally required, a customised supplement plan is even better. To find out what the body actually needs to fully recover, a test such as The Biomeridian Body MOT can determine exactly what area of the body is weakened and what it needs to rebuild itself. A tailored vitamin plan can be the difference in creating a expediated recovery for the body. Exercise should be introduced in a preferred form. It releases natural endorphins and it has the ability to grow confidence fast.

Now that the body is being restored, its time to build up the mind. This is perhaps the part where most people fall down. The fail to work hard in this area. A very popular treatment for covering and removing alcohol from your life is a cognitive behavioural therapy. In a good CBT programme for cessation of alcohol, the client must sign up for a 3 month programme whereby they agree to attend for at least 12 sessions. They are sworn by a written contract that they freely commit themselves fully to attendance and to following up their sessions with homework. They are made to understand that this is an important contract.

During the initial stages of CBT for alcohol mind detox, the client will be given work sheets. They will be asked to monitor their thoughts and watch out for triggers such as anger, fear, rejection, stress and sadness which make them want to drink alcohol. They will be asked to write down these thoughts during the week that follows. They will do this at home in their own time. The therapist will review the sheets and together they will come up with more constructive thoughts to replace these negative thoughts which lead to cravings for alcohol. During the 12 weeks they will be challenged. They will be asked to track their drinking and feedback will be given to them.

CBT can be highly effective in teaching new coping skills to a client. It is ideal for anyone who wants to erradicate the negative impact that drinking has on their lives and to help them learn new ways of coping with life. The combined benefits of detox, nutrition, CBT and exercise can have powerful benefits for those who have learned to cope with life by binging on alcohol. It can transform a person life and bring them greater happiness than they have ever imagined. Many people also include some form of spirituality in their programme but that is an option which must be chosen and is a very personal decision, not one that should be forced.

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Detoxing the body and mind of the negative effects of alcohol is not easy but it can be achieved with commitment and professional help. For more information about liver and colonic detox click here and to read more about all treatments available from Dublin Vitality Center visit our website

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