Price is not everything

The first top tip is not to be swayed by the price tag. Consumer Reports which is a US consumer protection organisation did a test on two very well known brands. The first had a price tag of $200 but it did not work as well as the much cheaper product which was retailing for only $16!

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Different Types Of Plastic Surgery You Can Choose From

     They are petitioning the Canadian government to ensure that carcinogens and reproductive toxins should be banned from all cosmetic products.

What are these harmful ingredients?

Lead can be found in lipstick and the FDA even promised to investigate but no information is forthcoming. Sometimes phthalates are added to perfumes and creams so that they can penetrate even deeper into the skin. The only problem about this is that this can cause disruption of hormones and can have an effect on the next generation.

Parabens which are an anti fungal agents are used to keep products from going off and they certainly lengthen the shelf life of various cosmetic products and they have been in use since 1920!

The bad news about these agents is that they have been linked to serious diseases. The main ones used are butylparaben, methylparaben and probylparaben. They have all been linked to liver disease, mental disorders and gum disease. The most dangerous agent is butylparaben as it seems to mimic oestrogen which can cause breast cancer in women.

What are the good ingredients to look for in a natural face cream?

There are perfectly good and natural ingredients which can be used in cosmetics and face creams and can do a marvellous job of helping you to look great. Some companies actually do include them but in such small quantities that they are not really effective. Extracts from seaweed, natural oils such as olive oil, avocado extract and Shea butter together with Manuka honey are the ones to look for because these are not harmful to your health.

The company in my link below has actually developed natural products which are NOT mineral oils and which can actually help to regenerate the collagen and elastin in our skin which is going to make all the difference. Why not find out more about these new ingredients in face creams by visiting my website below?

I always laugh when I see those 3D diagrams on face creams ads. Pulsed light permanent hair removal is based upon a new medical technology that definitely eliminates hair, up to ten times faster than the laser hair removal method. The process of removing hair follicles, on a woman's legs or a man's back, is completed within 30 minutes. Smaller areas (armpits, upper lip or bikini line) are done even faster!

Increased comfort

Techniques that require pulling out your body hair may be very painful. IPL is virtually painless and no damage will occur to your skin. In fact, most of the clients and reviews admit that pulsed light hair removal treatments are clearly more comfortable than laser.

Increased safety

Pulsed light hair removal diffuses no ultraviolet radiations. This technique thus presents absolutely no cancerogenic risk. In addition, IPL treatments leave your skin perfectly healthy, without any redness nor skin irritation. Results are immediate and medical evidence show practically non-existant side effects.

Increased safety for all skin types

IPL is suitable for all skin types. All body parts may benefit from hair removing treatments, except for the area around the eyes, and all almost painlessly. The most frequent body parts to be treated are:

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