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Divine Healing And The Modern Medical Complex

     When was the last time when you went to the doctor that he offered to have prayer with you? Modern medicine tends to have very little faith in divine healing. Is the problem with modern medicine? Or is the problem with our religious beliefs? The majority of Christianity today sees little relationship between physical health and spiritual health. This is rooted in a belief that the body is separate from the soul.

Paul tells us that our body is the temple of God. He says that what we eat and drink we should do to the glory of God. John tells us that above all things God wishes us to be in health and prosper even as our soul prospers. Disease did not exist prior to sin entering the world. Sickness and disease are the result of a violation of natural laws. These natural laws are God's laws.

It is very interesting that as we have seen the decline in the concept of personal responsibility for our health that we have also observed an increase in degenerative disease. This goes hand-in-hand with a spiritual concept that God will save us in our sins rather than from sin. When we pray and ask God to heal someone who has by their lifestyle brought the disease upon themselves, can we really expect God to heal them? In several years of lifestyle coaching I have found it far more effective to ask God to help us reveal the cause of the illness. When we discover the cause and accept ownership of it we can then take the cause to God. God tells us that if we will confess our wrongs that he will be faithful in forgiving them and that He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That sounds an awful lot like divine healing to me.

Another aspect of divine healing we seldom hear talked about is how seldom true followers of God get sick. In other words, when we live out lifestyle in harmony with his will we will inherently be healthier. When Christ was here on earth we have more record of his healing than we do preaching. On occasions when he would heal people, He told them that their faith had made them whole. Even modern science is realizing a larger role that the mind plays in disease and healing. I have come to believe that there is nothing that God would like more than to heal us of our diseases, if we would only let Him.

There are literally millions of people who were unnecessarily suffering from physical, mental, social, and emotional problems because they have overlooked the spiritual connection between their ailment and disease. Through the use of proper nutrition, exercise, and a closer relationship with Christ the quality of life for millions would be greatly improved!

The world offers all sorts of modalities to free you from disease. Christ says come on to him with your troubles and he will give you rest. Some form of stress plays a significant role in the genesis of most disease. Dr. Christopher, a famous are blessed of the last century, said there were no incurable diseases only incurable people. We are all where we are because of choices that we have made. What you sow you will reap. If you sow a healthy lifestyle, you will reap health. We live in a world of so much misinformation that it is difficult to know what the truth is and what to sow.

In the world of sports we realize that the success or failure of many teams is dependent upon their coaching staff. In the arena of education a teacher in reality is a coach to the students. In religion the pastor is a coach to his congregation. All of us realize it is much easier to succeed when we have a good mentor or coach. If you are interested in divine healing for physical conditions you may find a Christian lifestyle coach very helpful.

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