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Does God Care What You Eat?

     There are many today who separate the physical domain from the spiritual domain. They believe that what they eat has no bearing on their spiritual life. If a person suffers from a lifestyle disease, can they expect God to restore their help if they are unwilling to change their lifestyle? Do we have an obligation to God to maintain our body temple?

Many Christians will recognize that when a person is truly converted that God will give them victory over alcohol and recreational drugs. The Bible tells us that gluttony is a sin. I would like to suggest anything God asks us to do He will give us the power to accomplish. If our reasoning ability and judgment are performed in the frontal lobe of our brain then it would only make sense that we would avoid or reduce the intake of substances that would compromise the frontal lobe. The secular world is well aware of foods that have an impact on your mood. There has been some very interesting prison studies that have been done with volunteers in regards to their diet. The inmates that switched to a plant-based diet demonstrated a much lower rate of repeat offenders.

The majority of the Christian world today would acknowledge that the world is becoming increasingly more wicked. The correlation between this increase in wickedness and our diets is seldom looked at. There are many times that Christians are very vocal about various lifestyles of nonbelievers. I would suggest that my Bible says that Christ died for everyone. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to seek and save those who are lost.

When we think of diet we often think simply of physical food. The reality is that we require nourishment and all five domains of our being; physical, the mental, the emotional, the social, and the spiritual. We understand that as we read the word of God that it has the power to change your life for good. The question is do we realize that what we watch on television has the power to change our life for evil. All of us are aware of young people who have made bad choices of friends that have had very negative consequences on their social behavior. How many times have we seen a Christian young person have their faith destroyed in secular universities by atheistic professors. What are those professors feeding into the minds of our young people?

All of the domains of the body constitute the whole being. You cannot impact one domain without having an effect on the others. If you were to graph a person's health on a chart with optimal health on the top and death at the bottom you would find a line about 40% off the bottom that would represent where symptoms for a disease would appear. When we dip below the symptom line we would say that we were sick. What we often fail to realize is that the Genesis of the disease may very well have originated in a domain other than the physical. A beneficial improvement in any domain will have a healing benefit on the whole being. When we pay attention to the nutrition that we provide for each of our domains it will have a profound impact on our overall health. It is God's will that you will be healthy. I have found in Christian lifestyle coaching that often simple lifestyle changes have a profound impact on your overall wellness.

If we profess to be a Christian we are then a witness for Christ. What nonbelievers think of Christianity will be determined by the way that you live. If you're walk is not in line with your talk they will judge you as a hypocrite. When I willfully transgressed God's laws of health I bring reproach upon Christ. Is the way that you and I live is a Christian drawing nonbelievers into a closer relationship with Christ or pushing them away. If what I eat has an impact on my behavior, and my behavior has an impact on what nonbelievers think about Christ, do you then believe Christ cares about what you eat?

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If you would like more information on being a better witness for Jesus Christ through exercise, nutrition and Christian lifestyle please contact me at whole life ministry with your thoughts and questions.

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