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Does God Heal Addictions? Absolutely--By Demolishing The Strength Of These 3 Lies!

     Addiction healing is an available work of God . I have actually heard of a handful of (lucky) people who were instantly unshackled and never went back. However, it normally requires more than getting a healing prayer. Someone trapped in the strong chains of addiction must labor hard to reap and preserve their victory. We need to learn ways to fight back!

Our release from bondage, the pleasure our new life in the Spirit, and the peace of Christ that comes with progressing in the correct direction--are all definitely worth the energy it takes. With addictions, as with all other kinds of psychological or spiritual bondage, there are two sides to the struggle: addiction overcoming and addiction healing.

1) Overcoming Addictions. In this we must know how to fight the battle of faith. Seen from this perspective most of the work appears to be ours--although it is dramatically assisted by God as we call on Him for rescue and guidance (Jeremiah 33:3; Romans 10:12). We could term this walking in the basic Christian disciplines of prayer, scripture, worship, fellowship and service to others. Being an overcomer includes learning to embrace the cross and being willing to fight spiritual warfare. There is a lot to learn on this side and it is all very vital for us to walk in. At its best, however, it can be compared to cutting weeds--the same weeds--again and again.

2) Healing Addictions. This includes those things that we can do that function like pulling the weeds up by their roots. This is the work of emotional healing and is greatly dependent upon God to accomplish it. Even so there are still things we have to do in order for God's healing to happen.

The primary thing is that we need to take the deeply injured places in our heart to God for repairing. This is colossal. The actual trouble isn't the addiction. It is the pain that remains in our damaged heart. It is those things that need mending deep inside which induce addiction upon someone and then fasten it there--never the substance by itself.

Addiction healing takes place as we take our old injuries to the Lord for mending. It also goes on as we permit Him to unmask the "lies" and half truths that the evil one has sown in our hearts. Such wrong beliefs are very distressing. They grant power to the negative emotions which torment us and then wreck our capacity to make good choices.

There are 3 principal distortions that the kingdom of darkness uses to bind addiction to Christians: the lie of the idol, the lie of the wounded heart, and the lie of the distorted image.

1) The "lie of the idol." Something (usually a substance) is presented to us by the enemy coupled with a promise that this will heal us of our distress and effectively promote our life. It is a lie! It only feels like it will benefit us; it really is meant to crush us. But something in us keeps buying into that unreal hope. Expose the lie and fall out of agreement with it.

2) The "lie of the wounded heart." That place in us which believes the false claim of the substance is rooted in the "lie of the wounded heart." This lie keeps the person in addiction thinking that their problems are "out there" and that the answer is "out there" as well. It is not. The real problem lies inside a heart so injured it is searching frantically for a great love to cure it.

3) The "lie of the distorted image." This is the 3rd lethal connection in a shackle of inward deception hammered out by the enemy of our souls. Only powerful discovery of the Father's mighty love can mend such a bruised heart, but a distorted image of the Father keeps the one chained by the addiction running from God (just like Adam did), rather than to Him--in the crunch times.

Satan is a deceiver from the start (John 8:44). His deceptions are extremely persuasive and the minute they influence our deep beliefs, they become formidable strongholds within us--the hidden roots to the influence that enslaves us. Happily, we can identify Satan's lies and abandon our agreements with them.

Yes, God heals addictions--by extracting the weeds of these 3 lies by their roots!

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Steve Evans loves to help people recover their hearts. Would like to learn more about emotional healing ? The principal lessons from his popular course, Matters of the Heart, are absolutely free on the internet. Start now and enjoy your souvenir copy of his unconventional ebook, An Illustrated Guide to the Spiritual Life.

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