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Domestic Violence Must Have Serious Consequences

     Whenever there is a dispute in the home that turns to violence, many people will be at a loss to work out what to do next. The husband or wife may have been arrested, leaving behind children who are scared about what is going to happen to them and the parents that they love. In most instances, it is a wise move to get the services of a domestic abuse lawyer to find an amicable way through the tangle of emotions and legal matters which are bound to happen. Indeed, a domestic violence lawyer should be able to represent the accused and mitigate any outcome as much as possible.

It is a sad state of affairs but women in the states are far more likely to suffer damage from their partner than instances of all the incidents of rape, theft or car accidents combined. When these numbers are added together, it shows the amount of battering that is going on in the homes of these people.

Some people also have the misguided notion that only poor and uneducated people suffer with this kind of behavior but a short visit to the courts or a study of the newspapers will show that this abhorrent behavior is seen in all levels of society. Indeed, the higher professions probably have higher incidents too but they tend to be hushed up because of the standing of the perpetrator.

Although the cases of battery against men by an intimate partner have been on the rise, and any kind of assault is wrong no matter who perpetrates this crime, it is still eighty- five per cent of victims will certainly be women. To this end, up to one woman in three in the states will be a victim of this crime during her lifetime.

With statistics like this, it is no wonder then that those appearing in court must rise. Although women tend to complain when they are beaten, very often they change their minds before the case goes to court and this is where the problem lies. Women tend to look at the broader picture and worry about how she is going to take care of the children if the main breadwinner is out of the picture. She will often refuse to press charges but once the police are involved, it is very hard to stop this process so she will tend to suffer in silence until it gets to be too much.

What the experts do is to try to find a way through the system that everyone can live with. Although this is a serious crime the courts are not really there to break up families. If this was a first offense, the court may demand that the perpetrator be given counseling to figure out what has gone wrong. On the other hand, the children must come first and it is rare for those who are guilty of this crime to get custody of the children and sometimes the children are taken away from both parents for their own safety.

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Stewart Wrighter was fascinated by the quality work provided by the Las Vegas domestic abuse lawyer he spent time with. He recently reviewed the cases of a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer.

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