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Dreams - An Imaginable Incident or An Experience

     Lately I have been having dreams of things or events that do not correlate to my life. I had subscribed to the latest of entertainment bundles like Verizon FiOS Bundles and I was just curious to know more about the dreamer and the dream. It feels like these dreams are trying to convey a message about something that is about to happen. Honestly, everyone has dreams that are either scary or funny. Some dreams are so sophisticated that we hardly remember them. They are some dreams that are funny and beautiful which we are able to recollect once we wake up. So what does dream mean? Are they something related to our past and future?

Seriously, it is quite difficult to say. Many of us have dreams where we are rich, married to a gorgeous woman, and going on a holiday to a beautiful and breathtaking landscape. Even though these are quite possible in life, but some things are not. Just because we dreamed that we were swimming in a pool filled with gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, it does not mean that it is going to happen. My friend once told me about a fascinating dream he had. He said that he was in the future in the dream and was spellbound by the technological advancements he saw. Most of the people had flying cars that were pollution free and ran on electric power. Some of the car manufacturers like BMW, Benz, Lexus, etc had cars that ran on solar energy which were quite expensive. The roads were less congested with cars and people were freely walking. The dressing of people was different and the dresses had temperature option, where you could control the temperature of your body. If it is a hot climate, you could press a button and automatically you would feel cool and pleasant. So you don't need to wear different kinds of clothes in various seasons.

People were not using any currency but a plastic card kind of thing. Most of the houses were so beautifully constructed in artistic shape and colors giving a resemble of Michelangelo's paintings. One of the astonishing things was that the houses had no doors. It had a plain glass screen where if you want to enter you just press an enter button. There were no security cameras and security systems protecting the houses. He seemed to have realized that there was no need of such things.

In the future, people are satisfied and content with what they have, so there was no robbery. There was no murder, suicide or even wars. Countries were at peace with each other and there was no defense or army system. The billions of dollars that the government spent on developing their army and weapon systems were now used for scientific research to cure diseases. Cure for various diseases like cancer, autism, etc were found and people had more lifespan. Most of the diseases like AIDS and tuberculosis did not even exist in the future.

My friend was so much engrossed in his dream that he did not hear his alarm ringing and was woken up by a cold shower of water. Reason? His wife. He extolled, "Man! It surely was one of the most awesome dreams that I've had". One thing about dreams is that it leads us to an unimaginable world. It is not that such kind of thing can't be there in the future. It is quite possible. My friend in his subconscious mind must have wanted to live in a world that had no war and people lived in harmony. His subconscious mind must have manifested in him a joyful urge that was presented as a dream. How much joyful will it be to live in that kind of a world?

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