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Effective Approach To Solving Problems in Chemistry

     Chemistry problems can be quite easy to solve if you are aware of the basics and know how to apply concepts and formulas while solving problems. What you learn in class helps you to solve problems by understanding the chemical relationships and formulas.

Chemistry is all about formulas and if you understand them well, then chemistry can become a cake walk for you. Simply memorizing the relationships and formulas will not be helpful if you are given a problem you did not read anywhere before. The key to effectively solve problems is to understand these formulas and their applications. Many students find problems too hard to solve only because they just memorize the formulas and never take out the time to think about them. The result is often incorrect application of the formulas and a number of unsolved problems.

Whenever you learn a new formula, understand it. Here are a few tips to help you understand formulas better-

Think about the system or change described by the formula. Secondly also try to understand the variables mean and their units.
Then try to work out when does the formula apply.
Find out the practical examples of its application if possible. This will make you understand its significance.

Now, with every chapter, you will come across new formulas. So, as you move on to every chapter, keep adding to the set of "Important Formula" charts. Try to focus on the relationships in every formula and if you understand them as you learn them, it will be easier to see how to apply them.

One of the best ways to learn how to solve problems is to see how they have been solved in the text. Study and understand carefully how the relationships and formulas have been applied in the worked-out problems in the study guide or the solutions manual. Think about every formula used and the reason behind it. Ask yourself these questions-

Why was one particular formula was used and not the other ones?
What is the information given out in a problem hints toward the possible solution?

When you actually start practicing on solving problems, then firstly take down all the information given in their units. This will let you know what is the unknown element you have to calculate. Before beginning to write, plan out the solution. Do not do aimless calculations as they may further confuse you. Look at the elements listed below and try to think of the relationships that will fit in here. Once you are thinking of applying a certain reactive relationship to a problem, make sure you have the elements right. For instance, do not use the formula and reactive behavior of liquid Nitrogen when the form of the element is gaseous in the problem.

Try to think of any similar problem you studied, and take hints from the way it was solved. Once you are clear of the solution path to take, then do the calculations. It is always advisable to double check on the units of elements and their values to eliminate any arithmetical error.

Before you have to appear for a chemistry test, read through the chapters to be tested on again. Always refer to your list of important formulas before the test and you will have the facts on your fingertips. Chemistry can be tough to understand by yourself. Ask your parents to get you a tutor or look for a chemistry tutor online so that you can learn faster and better.

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