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Eligibility for Financial Help in the United States

     Families who are in need of financial assistance in the United States may not really understand the eligibility requirements that they must meet to get any assistance. While each state might have their own guidelines that families must follow, you will find that most government agencies are going to rely on financial information and poverty guidelines in order to determine if a family is eligible for services or not.

When you are trying to determine if you have met the poverty guidelines for your state then you should know that they are updated and published each year. This will generally take place in late January so you will always want to make sure that you are looking at an updated print out. However, if you need to know which guidelines are currently being used for the service that you are interested in then you will need to contact that particular agency and speak with a representative to get the exact figures. For the year 2012 the poverty guidelines for a family of four was $23,050. This might sound like a lot of money to some people but when you consider that the family may be operating with one mother and the mother may be paying rent, car payments, utilities, etc. it is easy to see that this money may not last long. It is no wonder some individuals may need assistance for their families.

Many people want to know if this figure is related to the amount of money that they have before taxes or if this is the amount that they have after taxes. What you must remember is that there is not really any easy way for you to answer that question. This is because some agencies may use the figure before taxes while others may use the figure after taxes. This is a wonderful question to ask the agency when you contact a representative.

Finally, there are some agencies that will not use poverty guidelines to determine eligibility for financial assistance. This will include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Security Insurance, Medicaid or at least larger portions of it, and public housing that is considered low rent. Again, it is very important to remember that every state is going to be different so it is always best to contact the organization in that state to find out what there specific guidelines are.

If you are interested in the poverty guidelines and if you meet them or not then you can always visit the This will be the most up to date list of poverty guidelines that you will find. It will at least help you see where you might fall on the scale. If you have questions about the poverty guidelines then you can also visit There are a number of really good questions here that have been asked by others who are in need of services and it can really help you determine what you might be facing in the way of eligibility requirements for different financial services.

Those individuals who have questions that are not on these lists will want to make note of their own. What do you want to know? At least you will not forget to ask these questions when you speak with a representative. It will also be very important for you to have all of your financial information in front of you and available if you are considering applying for anything. You will most likely need it and you will be able to start the process much faster if you have all of that in front of you.

Always follow up on any application that you have completed. You never know what could happen to them and sometimes, even though it is not intended, things are misplaced. If you are in desperate need of assistance then you must be willing to take responsibility and ensure that your application has been processed. This does not mean that you should call the agency every day but you would be wise to call every other week. You never know, you may need to provide more information before your application can be processed. Individual representatives may not notify you of this so you need to call.

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