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     Emeralds or ‘Beryl’ as she’s sometimes called (look it up) have long been among the greatest prizes concealed within our planet. Cortez the conquistador dazzled by the abundance of them, brought back armfuls from Columbia to probably lay at the feet of his sovereign. Fashions come and go but this year someone’s decided emeralds are in and I‘m here to tell you that the easiest way to get with the emerald programme is through the application of self-adhesive vinyl wall stickers.

Think about it. How else are you going to get your place all like emeralds? Run down to Ernest Jones and buy a load and then rush home to glue them willy-nilly about the place? Think of the expense! And think of the danger. You might be perched on top of your precarious step-ladder trying to fix an emerald to a light shade and then become momentarily dazzled by a shaft of sunlight flashing through its limpid interior. Down you crash. Injured pride? Or injured limbs and organs? Is it worth the gamble? An emerald coloured wall sticker, on the other hand (for they come in all colours) will be safely on your wall in minutes and your dead-eyed friends will marvel at how quickly you respond to instruction from unseen magazine writers.

You might consider the soft furnishing approach instead. Oh dear. Bitter, bitter experience has shown me the potential for danger here. “I’ll get some cushions” you say, and why not, they needn’t be expensive. So you do, and very nice they are too but oh no! The trend’s passed! “It’s OK, I’ll pop them in a bin liner and put them in the loft” Still seems reasonable doesn’t it? But when you lift the loft hatch what happens? That’s right, you’re swept away by a tidal wave of bin liners containing cushions. You might be lucky and merely pick up a bruise or two as you’re dashed from the step-ladder. But you could be killed. If you’d chosen wall stickers instead, when it’s time to change, they go harmlessly in the bin.

“Alright, I’ll paint the damn place instead” A perfectly sensible course of action. Or is it? You could be merrily sloshing away, creating that wonderful ‘bottom-of-a-pond’ atmosphere in your TV snug when ding-a-ling-a-ling, Pavlov says change! This time it’s Magenta, slaves, so get on it. Well, to hear is to obey and in your rush to comply you forget you’re on that step-ladder again. Down you go like a kryptonite meteorite. Bruised again? Or badly maimed? It’s OK, apparently you can get by pretty well with only half a head. If you’d stuck a wall sticker instead probably none of this would have happened.

You see, a self-adhesive vinyl wall sticker is so easy to apply (as well as being long-lasting, UV resistant in direct sunlight for five years, easy to remove and immensely brilliant) that even though you’re on that terrifying step-ladder there is absolutely no chance of you toppling off and driving your head into your torso. Thank you.

Article Source: Zazous are online retailers of wall stickers, wallpaper murals, furniture, contemporary vinyl flooring, and tableware for the modern home. Fashion-forward, highly individual designs that create striking interiors.

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