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Emergency Food Storage - 3 Reasons You Should Consider Storing Food For Your Family

     Building your own emergency food storage is one of the smartest things you can do in today's uncertain times.

Many people, alarmed at how they see things progressing in this country are choosing to store a cache of survival foods in their home for emergencies.

While everyone agrees that it's a good idea to have some emergency food on hand, here are 3 reasons why you should consider starting a food storage plan today - and not put it off.

#1 Protection Against Run-away Food Inflation

Many experts are now predicting food inflation - even hyperinflation. With the Fed continuing to print money, the supply of dollars increases.

This means the dollars already in circulation don't buy as much - and your food costs more. You've probably already noticed rising prices on staples like bread, fruit, milk, sugar and eggs.

Combine this with recent crop failures in Russia and other places around the world. It's not hard to see why prices are starting to rise.

I recently watched a news story that showed how food manufacturers are actually passing these rising prices along to the consumer by either raising food prices or producing smaller products (for the same price).

Having a store of emergency food - one month up to a year can help protect you should inflation get out of hand. You buy at today's prices and then you don't have to worry about being able to afford a $40 loaf of bread.

#2 Protection Against Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes - all of these disasters can disrupt the food supply for days. In fact FEMA advises that in an emergency situation, they probably won't be able to get supplies to you for 3 days. And that's if everything goes according to plan (which we all know usually doesn't happen).

Having an emergency food storage ensures you and your family have something to eat during the crisis. But it also ensures you don't have to go out and brave the mad crowds to try and find food in an emergency.

#3 Protection Against Food Shortages

This is not quite the same as food inflation, but still related. For example, I heard one expert say that what often happens in times of rapid food inflation is that the government steps in and instates price controls on food.

While this keeps prices artificially low for a time, it also means that food goes fast - and isn't replenished. So food shelves could be bare for a very long time.

There are already food shortages going on around the world - and things are getting tighter with the rising middle classes in countries like China and India wanting the level of food quality and supply that we're used to getting here in North America. This rising demand puts a strain on an already limited amount of food.

And it's only going to get worse as the population expands and these countries grow richer.

But if you have a supply of food stored away, you'll have what you need to weather the storm of food shortages as well, until things turn around and get better (which they inevitably will).

So those are 3 reasons to consider starting an emergency food storage plan. These things are not meant to scare you - just to make you aware of some very real dangers and possibilities.

Remember that should a crisis happen, it's those people who prepared ahead of time who weather the storms in comfort and safety.

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Lauren Tate writes for Survival Food Made Easy - a site helping you build your survival food storage. For more information on which survival foods are right for your family visit

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