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Environmental And Spiritual Pollution

     There is no question as we look at the world around us that environmental pollution is everywhere. It is in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. The foods that we eat are laced with toxic chemicals. Even in our homes we often find toxic environments. Even though we all realize how much we interface with environmental toxins very few do anything about it. I have given many lectures on how to reduce the intake of toxins as well as removing toxic buildups in the body. While many people will wholeheartedly agree with everything I say they make no changes themselves.

I have asked many people why they don't apply the information they have learned to their own lives. I have found the answers very interesting. Many do not wish to change their eating habits because they enjoy what they're doing. Many believe that they are a special case and are not willing to make any changes until they are diagnosed with a serious disease. The sad part is by then it may be too late. I would like to suggest that I believe the problem is spiritual pollution.

Spiritual pollution is very simply believing a lie. We are bombarded on every side by all forms of advertising. Many times the negative aspects of a product are not disclosed. Many of the pharmaceutical ads will even in tell you that under certain conditions the product may kill you, but people still line up to buy them. There are many people who tell you that they read the ingredient labels and know that there are things in many of the processed foods that they should not eat, but will buy them anyway. I call these spiritual beliefs because our beliefs determine our actions.

We live in an evil wicked world. It is the function of evil to distort and misrepresent truth. If we like something we often times do not want to even look for the truth. Very few people are concerned for example about the possible danger of cell phones because we really like the convenience of cell phones. It is true that there are health risks to just about everything. What are we doing to educate ourselves as to what these risk are and what we can do about them. The increase in degenerative disease is in direct proportion to the increase of chemicals and toxins in our environment. When you look at comparative graphs you see that the increase of degenerative disease is approaching a vertical line.

If you are not willing to address spiritual pollution there is a very good possibility that you will suffer a painful and debilitating degenerative disease. God is still the great physician and offers a prescription for every ailment. His prescription will do you absolutely no good if you do not take it and get it fulfilled. The forces of evil have led us to believe that it is no longer necessary to live in harmony with God's natural laws. This my friend is a tragic deception. There are literally millions of people who have little or no idea of how their body functions and what it requires to run smoothly. If you look to science for the answers you will find that there is very little agreement on anything. If you investigated illness on the Internet you will find many conflicting reports and usually come away confused.

God has promised that if we diligently seek His will, He will lead us into truth. I believe one of the finest ways to deal with spiritual pollution is through small group Bible study with a focus on health related topics relevant to the group. The Bible is full of a lot of wonderful promises, but many times we fail to look for the conditions of their being fulfilled. The small group approach has a dynamic which helps its participants to take action. To try and make changes alone is very very difficult because you lack the needed support. Through a group dynamic small groups can be very influential in reducing spiritual pollution.

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If you would like information on small group ministry resources and assistance in starting a small group Bible study please contact me at the following website and click on small group ministry. May God bless you.

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