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Explanation About How A Dog Became The Best Friend Of Humans

     There is evidence that modern dog comes from Eurasian gray wolves that existed on the planet fifteen thousand to forty thousand years in the past. Prior to the occurrence of farming, when people where hunter-gatherers, the domestication of wolves took place. Primitive canines and humans were both in the need for food and shelter. In numerous historic writings, canines are mentioned as great helpers for people when it comes to protection, watching, hunting and fighting.

People may not be able to find clear details on the ways in which dogs became the best friends of humans. However, in 2002, many DNA verifications were made and the subjects were hundreds of dogs. The results showed that the most diversity exists in East Asian species. A theory was developed about East Asia being the location where the link between man and canines was established. There are studies that can confirm dogs were tamed even 32,000 years in the past. The Ice Age Paleolithic is the corresponding period, in which the primary job of humans was hunting.

It can be important to know when the transition was made for people from the stage of hunter-gatherers to the one that involves agriculture, in order to find the truth about the true origins and rise of man. The point is that dogs had a crucial role in the transition. Without the domestication of animals and plants, the change may not have been possible.

The way in which cows, pigs and sheep were transformed is known well. But, for canines, there still is a veil to uncover. Scientists are trying to discover the missing links. Some researchers say that late origins of dogs can be found in North America, in a period when nobody lived there. A jackal mother and a wolf father are probable ancestors of the animals we see today.

Recent research showed that canines have a high level of intelligence and this had an important role in the evolution of humans. Individuals were dependent on relationships with other species for reaching the current state of development. The real motives for choosing primitive canines as friends are not well known. There are theories about the requirements from the moment of transition and the environment from that time.

Because food and shelter was needed, people and canines were forced to hunt and they used stone hatches and teeth for this purpose. For being able to survive, families required a lot of food. Caves and tree trucks were the places in which the first dogs lived in. In the coldest period of a year, primitive dogs were attracted by fire camps, especially when they were in the search for food and they could not find anything. Getting some bones that man could not chew may have been a blessing for a starving animal.

Maybe one night the wild animal brought its family to the camp fire for feeling warmer. While hunting, humans could observe how wild canines had an advantage over them: their better sense of smell. A possible scenario can be the one in which an individual captured one of the puppies from a family and raised it. The adult animal could be trained and used as a hunting helper.

After reaching full maturity, the domesticated wolf could have realized how wonderful life among humans may be. Obeying the commands of a master and help provided in hunting sessions may be enough for getting a regular meal. The benefits of owning a dog were surely seen by other people and they become tamers themselves. At one particular time, there were many canines in human communities, almost equal to the number of people.

During many years of evolution, dogs and humans as well changed their appearance and behavior. One of the biggest transformations happened when dogs started to bark instead of the howling that came from their ancestors. After farming became common, domestic animals became more and more dependent on man and canines could guard cows, goat, or sheep.

In order for individuals to go hunting without putting their sheep in danger, the guardians needed to learn to be friends with sheep. There were other species of animals to protect as well. Things like properties and human families also required care.

The development of a strong bond between dogs and their masters was not a problem after canines became guardians of people. Old reference about friendships between man and domestic animals exist in 1500 B. C. In history, it is well known that dogs were treated as and considered kings and gods. Evidence can be found in Ethiopia, ruins of Pompeii, or the old tombs of Egypt.

Other references regarding canines can be seen in the Bible and the Roman history. American Indian pottery, along with French and British tapestry can be considered proof. There are many species shown in images.

Canines can have similar qualities like humans: communication, empathy, good memory and intelligence. The loyalty and friendly nature of dogs is well known since ancient history. There are opinions about a self-domestication of wolves. The idea is that there was a nicer group, which took advantage of the kindness of humans.

While dogs became part of human families, people also can be considered now as part of the pack. Humans usually leave things that can be eaten by dogs and this provided a new and unique niche for primitive canines to explore. Today, people care so much for pets that they take them to salons, dress them and offer them special treatment.

Behavior patterns and appearance that dogs have now were not obtained instantly. Through selective breeding, many generations passed until wolves began to look friendlier. There were differences from kind species to aggressive species.

Studies can show that dogs became friends to humans during an extended period of time, which started in ancient history. Primitive dogs started to be friendlier, more protective and to enjoy the company of humans. How exactly everything happened may not be known, but there is a sure fact that people all around the world know it: dogs are the best friends of man today.

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