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Factors That Could Affect Dog Training

     Dog training is the most important thing that you should consider if you have a pup or plans to have one. To get you started, here are some information to help you understand about canine behavior.

• According to research, dogs hail from wolves. Because of domestication, it eliminated some of their aggressive traits but there are some that still remains. Since they are pack animals, they are used to routines and they are sociable, which makes it easy for trainers to teach them.

They do not have a hard time interacting with other canines and humans for them are just like them but with different look. This is why they thrive to be noticed by humans and if they are rejected, they will feel bad or get agitated. This kind behavior can be useful during training. You can either reward or punish them. The reward is by interacting with them through patting or by talking to them you can also give them food as a treat. On the other hand, you can punish them by ignoring them. This can be done by turning your back on them or by talking to them in a stern manner. This is a better method than hitting or spanking them.

Training them by following a routine makes it easy for them to do things your way. Through routine, they get to be relaxed and be comfortable for they already know what to expect.

• Make yourself known to them from the beginning that you are the alpha male. Assert your role as the boss through body and vocal language. If they do not consider you as the alpha male, they will not follow any of your instructions.

• The dog's memory is short just like with a goldfish. If you don't know this fact, you will be irritated if the next day your pup does not remember anything that you have taught them the day before. But the good thing about them is their good associate memory. This means that they know how to associate certain things with what you have told them.

• Humans and animals, specifically the canines, do not speak the same language. When it comes to training, you have to carefully choose the words that you will use on them. Do away with common words for this will confuse them. Also, it is essential that you are consistent with the command and words that you use.

• Puppies are like babies, they do not know how they are supposed to act or behave in this world. They need to be guided so that they will learn what is right from wrong. They are happy creatures and full of energy. They love to explore but since they don't have good eyes or sensitive hands, they use their nose to smell and mouth to chew. These qualities need a lot of patience and understanding that they are different from you.

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