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Facts That You Need To Learn About Dog Training

     Positive reinforcement should be the idea on how dog training should be. This means that, when a pup does something that is right, he should be rewarded. The trainer should be consistent when they give rewards and praises for every good performance. This will instill in their minds that if they follow what is commanded to them, they will get a treat or their master will like them more. On the other hand, their negative behaviors should be ignored because once you will praise one bad action; it will confuse them which will make the coaching difficult.

Dogs have different personalities just like humans. When teaching them, the focus must be on their behavior. A shy pup will not learn if the commands are given through loud commands. They will be scared instead and will just hide. Another example is if the pup is domineering for they will not respond to soft tones. They will feel that they are still the boss and not their owners. The trainer must be flexible in order to adapt to these different kinds of traits.

They must know what kind of command will work best for a specific dog. Also, the giving of rewards is not the same for all types of personalities. There are canines that are obedient and their treats can be given after following an order. But there are some that treats have to be given first in order to motivate them to work.

Dogs have short attention span. They either get bored easily or they can easily be distracted. The ideal approach for them is to give them frequent trainings so that their mind and body will keep on working. This can be done by placing a collar and lead on them. This will make them easier to handle. Start the training by giving simple commands. Give praises or rewards for every correct behavior.

Continue doing this so that they will get used to it and they will do all your commands without any flaw. As he improves, gradually incorporate complex instructions. Do not forget about their prize for they will associate it to doing well. This will act as their motivator to remind them that they will get something nice if they will be obedient.

The trainer must have his supplies like the leash, collar, and the treats. These things must be tailored for the dog that will be trained. It is wise to have variety of these items from the different types of collars to the various lengths of leashes. Toys are also ideal to be given as a treat but it will also depend on their personality for some prefer food over toys. It is best if their trainers know their preference for this will drive them to obey the commands.

Consistency is what every dog training needs. Canines will be confused if the teachings are not constant. Furthermore, positive reinforcement is the key to make them obedient. Rewards will act as their bait to make them follow and trainers have to keep this in mind if they want their dogs to be well-trained.

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