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Fairly Legal - It's Mixed Opinions...

     Sarah Shahi has spent a lot of time trying to find her prime spot in the world of acting, and with the opportunity that she took to star in "Fairly Legal" this just might be the career-changer that she's been waiting for this whole time. Or it could turn out to be quite a devastating experience.

There are many different opinions from critics on this television series hosted by USA. With reviews ranging from how much of an improvement it is in the world of anti-lawyer television shows to how the writers have created nothing but a giant shipwreck.

Is this TV show a flop or is it something that just needs a little bit of time to be crafted into an epic moment within the entertainment industry?

"Fairly Legal" is based around a character known as Kate Reed who went from being an attorney getting fed up with the justice system to a mediator who has to try and help others reach a resolution on the craziest of things. One of the most memorable cases that Kate had to deal with in "Fairly Legal" is literally the size of parking spaces. How picky can you get when you start arguing over something as little as how much room you have to park your vehicle, seriously?

Kate has also had the opportunity to display her most romantic moments as well as unromantic moments. All of these events surround her unpredictable lifestyle that is so full of twists and turns that nobody can even dream about what's going to happen next. Don't get it wrong, there are some dull moments but it really seems that there are very few that actually hurt the show dramatically.

This seems like a great show to watch if you're into the legal environment, right? Well, not everyone thinks that this is truly the case. In fact, many people criticize USA for even putting it on the air because of its lack of context. However, not everything in life starts out to be perfect and there's no exception when it comes to "Fairly Legal." It's clear with each season that the team behind the creative direction of this show is really trying hard to do what it takes in order to find the sweet spot to resonate with the audience.

One thing that we can't afford to ignore is the fact that "Fairly Legal" has honestly taken on actors and actresses who have paid their dues and put in their time waiting for a breakthrough role. This is what has led to it becoming a great show for many, and an understatement for others who refuse to understand what the creative process really consists of. Either way, this TV show hosted by USA surely has proven that legal dramas have come a long ways since the induction of shows such as "Ally McBeal."

All that can be said is that "Fairly Legal" is something that can actually become a great part of television as long as the creative team takes the right path in making it possible. It's definitely not a weak link in the industry since the negative opinions have clearly been ignored by making it a much better show as each episode progresses it through its life.

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Jackie Wither is a TV and Entertainment Journalist. Her favourite shows include Fairly Legal and Grey's Anatomy.

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