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Famous Stories Of Miracles That Happened Somewhere Around The World

     One of the nice things about being alive in the current age is that almost anyone has access to different news across the entire planet. With only a few keystrokes and clicks you can discover news from about any where. It is not all that surprising that there are different stories of miracles which have happened in various places almost every day.

One of the strangest stories is of Joseph of Cupertiono. Cupertiono was a known friar that many people considered to be a mystic and saint. Around the 1630 it is believed he spontaneously levitated in the air and hovered directly over a crowd for hours before lowering down on the ground. This strange feat is one he is said to have demonstrated many times before dying, once while the Pope himself watched.

The story of St. Bernadette is as interesting as it is moving. Among the roman catholics there is the belief that a saint's body will be miraculously incorruptible after their death. One such saint is St. Bernadette. Even though she died around 130 years ago her body is said to remain basically the same as it was when she was alive.

In the sparse fields of Fatima Portugal a miracle is thought to have happened involving the sun at noon October 1917. Supposedly three youths told everyone the Virgin Mary said a miracle would begin at a particular time and date. At about noon, the sun started zig-zagging while moving toward the planet earth. Thousands of people had gathered to view if this would actually come true though later they also confirmed it actually had happened

Another profound tale is the story of Brother Martin de Porres. He was a brother of the Peruvian Dominican order from Peru. He is told that he demonstrated several different miracles, though what he is generally known for is being seen in several different places at generally the same time. Many individuals witnessed this and often he would give descriptions of the places where he had been seen.

A strange miracle that is tied in with the Roman Eucharist is the story of a special mass that took place around 595AD. One of the women preparing the bread for mass laughed and said she did not believe in it. Later that day she was refused communion. A little while later some of the bread she had prepared became real blood and flesh. Some of this is still housed in a church in Germany.

Another unusual miracle is the voice of Lady Saint Clelia Barbieri . Saint Clelia was of mostly Italian descent and tragically died at the age of 23 of tuberculosis. Her fellow parishioners honestly believed she could never leave them and she can still be heard singing along with the church choir today. This voice was first heard exactly one year after she died and is heard still today.

Stories of miracles also happened in the past they are just not as well known. They can take many different forms. They also must be seen by many people. For every one thousand stories told, generally one is sanctioned by the church.

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