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Fashion Photography Explored

     When I first studied photography, I was convinced I could only pursue fine art. Influenced by the icons of portraiture like Edward Steichen, Yousuf Karsh, and Arnold Newman, I was very much intent on following in their footsteps - easier said than done.

Living and studying in upper New York State, a close friend recommended I visit her longtime friend who had married a fashion photographer in New York City; his name was Luigi. Luigi was the quintessential creative Italian artist who was completely open to telling me all I could wish to know about what he did. I visited him on a number of occasions throughout the following year, and he paid me as his assistant. Fashion photography was an area that I did manage to learn a fair bit about in a relatively short period of time. I'd never considered myself destined to really embrace it, and indeed, it is a fairly tightly knit, rather exclusive circle rather difficult to penetrate.

Ordinarily, professionals in the area of fashion photography work with anything related to apparel and accessories, trends and styles. It's an inherently superficial realm into which they must inject a soul.

The fashion shooter is a craftsman who is commissioned by magazines to take photos for upcoming issues. Meanwhile, prominent fashion designers employ his services for publicity shots of their haute couture creations. Major clothing labels, on the other hand, hire him to produce images for their latest advertising campaigns.

Regardless of who's engaging him, the focus of his work remains essentially the same. He is always expected to present the merchandise in a striking light. His pictures should engage the audience's interest. To understand the concept, go over the scenario below.

Let's say you are the editor-in-chief of a popular fashion rag. For your upcoming anniversary issue, you intend to do a tribute to fashion from the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema. The cover would feature vintage style clothing, such as retro tops and lace dresses. A skilled photographer will be able to take these elements and produce an image that would suit your desired theme.

The most common subjects of fashion photography are female models. They either wear the designer outfit or carry the trendy accessory. However, in some cases, the shoot would just feature the actual item. If so, it is the photographer's job to style the shot effectively. In the absence of a human element, he needs to create a look that still makes the immobile subject appealing.

The decision of whether or not to hire a model does not rest solely on the fashion photographer. Usually, this is something that the client decides. In the case of magazine publications, it's the result of a compromise between the editorial board and the advertising department. Prominent designers communicate their intended vision to photographers. Meanwhile, the big name brands work it out with their marketing agency.

During the actual shoot, overseeing everything is the photographer's responsibility. He would specifically need to perform the following:

Ensure that the sequence of shots are followed

Work with the onsite makeup artists to convey ideas on what the model's look should be like

Establish a lighting scheme

While the artist might bring an assistant along, he almost always takes the photos himself. After accumulating the requisite number of images, he will then choose the ones to use. Sometimes, the photographs might need a bit of retouching before they are presented to the client.

As in any other genre, fashion photography requires patience and dedication. Training is a must if you want to make any money in the business.

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As a photographer for twenty years, Steven Edward Weisberg shot primarily portraits; his full-on fashion shoots were few and far between. The same basic principles, nonetheless applied. Should you be inclined to explore more ideas, information, and inspiration concerning the art of photography, visit

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