A kidney infection treatment can be started as soon as you get the proper diagnosis and the proper antibiotics for you. Before starting a treatment, you should consult your doctor first about your particular case because even if kidney infections might be similar, there are always several factors that distinguish people’s cases from each other.

There are several components to a kidney infection treatment. First of all, you ne..."> Feline Kidney Infection Symptoms | ABC Article Directory
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Feline Kidney Infection Symptoms

     As for pregnant women, they are also prone to renal infection because the enlarged uterus increases the pressure on the ureters, which slows down the flow of urine to the bladder. This can also lead to renal infection.

Upon knowing the cause of the infection, the treatment will start with the doctor’s specific prescription of antibiotics. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, the doctor will prescribe certain antibiotics and the corresponding dosage. You have to immediately start your medication so that you can start killing the bacteria. Kidneys are extremely vital organs to eliminate waste from the human body. Removing toxins from the body cleanses the body and detoxifies it. People get kidney Infections due to bacteria. It is very important that no one ignores the early symptoms of infection. Infection could occur to either one or both kidneys. Due to this, there is a possible of being prone to other illnesses.

5. Fever: Fever is another symptom that could suggest kidney infection. Generalized Weakness: There will be a drained-out weak feeling all over. It will indicate that there is something wrong. They may also withdraw to a quite area such as the closet or under a large piece of furniture. In these areas you may notice the smell of urine, since sometimes incontinence is one of the symptoms seen with an advancing feline kidney infection. They will also lose interest in food, which may lead to weight loss. Labored breathing or panting may also be seen.

If the bacteria is engulfing the entire urinary tract you will notice symptoms which are more in line with those often seen with a severe bladder infection.

It can be difficult to distinguish between these two infections as in some ways, the symptoms can be similar. However, whilst those of a kidney infection can indeed mirror those of a urinary tract infection, the symptoms are a more exaggerated, severe version.

* Mild fever

* Feeling generally unwell

* Mild abdominal pain

Signs of Kidney Infections-Symptoms to Look Out For

* Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day

* Drink 2 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice daily

* Take showers, not baths

* Do not used perfumed products near the vaginal area

* Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol


Antibiotics were the traditional way of treating urinary tract infections until recently. However, there is much controversy relating to their use. Antibiotics are usually given for between 3-10 days depending on the severity of the infection and, if known, the type of bacteria. If the patient stops taking the antibiotics before the end of the prescribed course, the bacteria may not have been killed off sufficiently and could mutate into a more serious type of infection. The bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics (known as "antibiotic resistance"). This is a pressing worldwide concern for health professionals and it is therefore inadvisable to prescribe antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Several resistant strains of bacteria already resist and it is therefore wise to seek alternative methods of treatment wherever possible.

The self-help methods above should help to alleviate the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. You will find out how to prevent further attacks and what causes them in the first place.

? For men do you feel pain in the rectal region?

? Do you constantly feel the need to urinate?

? When you do go are you passing only small amounts of urine?

Your urine will be tested for white to red blood cells to measure their percentage. If your white blood cell count is high it would suggest an infection where a medical doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Think about these points to help avoid UTI:

? Good personal hygiene is your first defence against UTI. Be sure to wash the skin between the genitals and rectum on a daily basis and always wipe from front to back (especially important for women) as the bacteria from the anus is a major cause of UTI in women.

? Don't ever hold your urine. Holding your urine can, over time, stretch the bladder causing the bladder not too completely empty and urine left in the bladder may increase your risk of a UTI.

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