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Five Easy Ways To Create Amazing Content

     Do you ever struggle when it comes to creating content? Do you suffer from writer's block or are you overwhelmed by all of your ideas? Are you aware of the importance of content marketing, but unsure just how to start to make it work for your business?

If this sounds at all familiar, fret no more. Content creation doesn't have to be overly complicated.Indeed, if you break it down you can create an extremely effective content marketing strategy.

Here are five easy tips for creating awesome content.


Your first task is to isolate just what you want to write about. Don't worry if you draw a blank. Just think of the things that you do in your business. Sure, they may be obvious because they are second nature to you. However, many of your customers and colleagues will be fascinated to get an insight into your business.

You can also draw content inspiration from the latest news and developments in your industry. What are you and your colleagues talking about? Debate and discussion make for the best articles. Content can take the form of new product reviews and profiles too.

Really, once you start to think with a view to content creation, you will be amazed at how many ideas will come. Just make sure you have somewhere to note them all down as you never know when inspiration will strike!


It won't matter a bean how interesting your content is if no one can be bothered to read it. Harsh but true.The best way to draw your audience in is by creating an attention grabbing headline.

Think about what headlines make you stop in your tracks and aim to emulate a similar style. Top tips and 'how to' article headlines work well too. Have fun and always aim to make your reader want to read on.


We are all so incredibly busy these days that we often have a limited amount of time to devote to reading. In addition, there is an almost overwhelming amount of great content out there - each piece competing for attention.

As a result, we have to set out our stall early. In other words, we need to get to the point. Use your first two paragraphs to explain to your audience exactly what you will be covering in your article, how it is relevant to them and why they should add your content to their priority reading list.

Content Structure

Awesome content comes from a tight structure. You can't afford to waffle with no purpose as your audience will become frustrated or lose interest.

Quite simply, you should start by expressing the point of your content, go on to develop your argument or idea and then come to a conclusion.

Your topic may well be complex, but even so try not to go on for too long and always be concise. For example, a blog post or newsletter article should be somewhere between 500-1500 words.

If you feel that your ideal word count is too restrictive, consider breaking your content into two pieces or even a series of articles!


In order to create awesome content, you should always consider your media. Content comes in all shapes and sizes and your content marketing strategy should incorporate a wide variety of outlets including:

Your blog

Guest posts on other relevant blogs

Your business newsletter

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc



Webinars and Seminars

By following these five tips you can unleash the power of quality content in your business.

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Jane Douglas-Jones is CEO of and specialises in content creation.

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