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Flight Simulator - Real Life Flying

     A good flight sim is going to cost a little bit of money.The leader in flight simulator games is Microsoft, but they are losing there lead very fast. Microsoft has not put much effort into there flight sim in quite some time. I actually grew up playing MS flight simulator, and played it for many years.My top choice for a flight sim is Flight Sim Pro. I viewed there website and I could already tell this was going to be a great one.

Flight Sim Pro is my only flight simulator game that I even play anymore. My new simulator is so realistic it makes me feel like I am really flying. This sim has over 20, airports, 300 planes, and even a few helicopters.When picking a good flight simulator game, it is important to pick something that will not bore you after 3 days. It is also important to make sure it puts you in the action, and makes you believe you are really commanding the airplane. There's nothing better than jumping out of your seat because you think you are really going to crash.

Flight simulators were some of the earliest games available for desktop computers; Sub LOGIC Flight Simulator FS1, later released as Microsoft Flight Simulator, hit the screens of computers in 1979. While Flight Simulator is arguably the granddaddy of personal aircraft simulators, other, much more expensive flight simulators were available to professionals as early as the 1960s.A contrast to the early days of flight simulators, if really there was only a choice of single product, now there are so many to choose from it can be confusing. Below are two things to think about when choosing the airplane simulator that will satisfy your needs:

1: Scenery packages. Offers a high level of realism change of scenery ,The first flight-simulator programs were blocky graphics and only meager hints of the landscape outside of the cockpit. They included "scenery" for four cities, including a few simple buildings, and fewer than 25 airports. Buildings, roads, houses, trees, airports, and some mountains .Some of today's flight sims have incredibly detailed scenery packages for virtually the entire world. Roads, airports, rivers, trees, mountains, cities, rural areas: all are shown in meticulous detail work.

2: The sense of realism. Realism in the new airplane simulator packages is truly astonishing. Although the basic cockpit layouts for the planes included in the first flight sim packages were surprisingly complete-with gauges, radio stacks, power settings and more-stick response was negligible. Rule behavior is an important factor, as the aircraft responds to your entries. With the early flight sims, there was too much lag between entering a control input and the aircraft response. today's Sims respond quickly and smoothly to control inputs and the direction of air traffic control is greatly intensified. Just as with real planes, if you haul back on the yoke and keep it there, the plane will stall as if flying a military jet or an extra 300 aerobatics. The simulator you choose should respond smoothly to your control inputs through a joystick or yoke; rudder pedals add even more realism to the simulator experience.

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Makes you believe you are really commanding the airplane. There's nothing better than jumping out of your seat because you think you are really going to crash.. CLICK HERE: Real Flying Simulator

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