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Forgiveness And Degenerative Disease

     There is a growing body of evidence that shows a direct relationship between forgiveness and degenerative disease. The more willing a person is to forgive the less apt they are to suffer from degenerative disease.

Research is showing that the origin of a great deal of degenerative disease is not of a physical nature. The origin of many of these diseases are found to be emotional, social, mental, and spiritual in nature. Any time that you have a chronic problem in any of these domains it will leave eventually manifests itself in the physical domain. This is why drug therapy is many times ineffective. The drugs only address the physical condition and do nothing to deal with the root cause.

When someone wrongs you and you are unwilling to forgive them what actually happens? It is much like planting a seed in the garden. The more we nurture and cultivate the injustice that has been done to us the more it grows and the bigger it becomes. Each of us know of people who have been through an ugly divorce and have had a very difficult time moving on. There is a lady who was sexually assaulted in Central Park in New York City. It so consumed her that she became physically ill. Tragically, the individual who had assaulted her had forgot all about her. All of us are aware of people who have been victims of downsizing who have given their whole life to a company. Many have had their hours cut back so that the company does not have to pay health benefits. In each of these cases the person who is unwilling to forgive suffers from resentment and bitterness. Both of these emotions over a period of time will lead to physical health problems.

It is been said that when you are unwilling to forgive it is much like taking a poison and hoping the person who did you wrong will get sick. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

Do not be deceived for one moment. Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do. Many times we say we have forgiven the other person, but when a situation comes up that involves them, we find out we haven't. I have found in lifestyle coaching that it is very difficult to help a person to forgive if they do not have a relationship with Christ. No one in history has been more maligned and misrepresented the Jesus Christ. Yet even while he was dying on the cross he asked for forgiveness for those who had done Him wrong. He is very much aware of any injustice that you have ever suffered and has promised that He will deal with it. I have seen incredible acts of healing take place in the lives of people who are willing to give their injustices that have been done to them to Jesus Christ.

When you are unwilling to forgive you will continue to make a bad situation get worse. In the Lord's prayer God said that He will only forgive us to the degree that we are willing to forgive others. In lifestyle coaching I have seen many who harbor bitterness toward someone who has wronged them. When by the grace of God they give the bitterness to Him every domain of their life moves forward positively. If there are issues in your life that you are struggling with prayer is a powerful tool to give you peace. When we focus on what is happened in the past it is very difficult to move forward into the future positively.

If you suffer from obesity, depression, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or any other debilitating disease take a few minutes right now and ask yourself what are the unforgiven issues in your life. Many times a lifestyle coach can help you see things objectively that you are not able to see by yourself. The beauty of forgiveness is that not only will you improve physically, but mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Realize that in this life nothing is fair, but that we have all been promised a better land if we will accept it.

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At whole life ministry I have been blessed to be able to help many people find peace through forgiveness that only God can give. If you would like help and encouragement contact me at my website. Click on either the top two options at the right and leave me a short message and I will get in contact with you.

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