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Four Conceivable Alien Encounters

     There are numerous accounts around the world claiming different UFO or alien encounters. Some of them sound genuine while some of them sounds hoaxed. Their claims may be engaging but is it enough to hone ourselves to these claims? Most UFO encounters involved LSD where aliens used specific technology to forcibly disengage our mental ability. Below are the four conceivable alien encounters that might be true for some ways.

The Phil Schneider Alien Encounter
Phil Schneider is an ex-US Government Engineer who claims to have worked with the US Government in deep secrecy. He toured US to inform people that he had work on a facility that is very well-known today as Area 51. He claimed that he was shot in the chest by a 7-foot alien while he was having an encounter with aliens at Area 51's underground base. To prove his claims, he showed half-melted off fingers and some fragments dubious, which he claimed to as an alien metal. However, many people did not believe to Schneider claims since it is hard to accredit that aliens would have the ability to travel light-years just to reach our planet from their home.

The Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting
When Christopher Columbus had his journey before discovering America, he sailed across the sea of Santa Maria and sighted an unidentified flying object hovering in the sky in 1492. According to his captain's log, it was night when Columbus was standing on the deck and saw a glimmering light traveling at a great distance. It was also stated in the captain's log that the UFO was traveling up and down, east and west. The object disappeared for a few seconds and appeared again for many times.

Though Columbus sighting may be best correlated to a shooting star but it there is no to conclude for it to be a shooting star. However, it would be hard to accept that a shooting star traveled in various directions, in a long time span.

The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill
The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill was claimed to be the most engaging abduction ever occurred in history because scientists and other investigators conduct several investigations to prove that the couple have foretold the truth. The couple was interrogated under hypnosis for many times.

Betty and Barney were traveling home from a holiday in Canada to New Hampshire in 1961 when suddenly both of them noticed a strange object hovering towards them. Barney stopped the car and went out to check the UFO in front of them. The UFO then ascended while Barney was frightened and went back to the car. Barney drove the car as fast as he could just to stay away from the UFO. Without recognizing the event, he had traveled 35 miles in just 2 minutes.

Few days later, Betty claimed to have strange nightmares of tall extraterrestrial beings conducting operations on her while her husband Barney was inside the craft. An Air Force Intelligence Officer recommended the couple to a professional psychiatrist to verify their claims of alien abduction. After six months of tyrannical hypnosis, Dr. Benjamin Simon concluded that the couple was abducted by aliens during the said incident.

Betty had also drawn a map of stars in which she believed aliens had shown to her. However, scientists at that time confirmed that the map Betty drew has never existed in the constellations or even closer to any of the constellations. Eight years later, scientists were amazed after sighted a constellation that depicts Betty's map of stars using high-end telescopes.

Having known that the map, which Betty drew, has existed somewhere in space, the US Air Force has put a great interest to the constellation where psychiatrists believed the couple were beamed u by little green men during that night.

The Battle of Los Angeles
It was reported in Los Angeles, Three months after US joined World War II, that aircrafts were recognized hovering above Los Angeles in February 1942. The military suppressed thousand of shots believing that the Japanese are attempting to drop bombs. On the next day, Navy Secretary Frank Knox confirmed that the aircrafts sighted during the incident remained unidentified.

The Chicago O'Hare UFO Sighting
On November 7, 2006 at around 4:00 am, the Chicago O'Hare Airport received claims from 12 employees that they have sighted a metallic disc-shape object hovering over Gate-C17. 2 pilots also claimed the same sightings during that specific time. According to the pilots, the disc-shape object was at stationary for approximately 12 minutes and ascended at an amazing speed.

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