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Four Romantic Comedies That Will Not Stress Your Emotions

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Here are four romantic comedies that will not stress your emotions. Just sit back and be entertained. If you want great stories, great acting and great direction, try other movies.

Failure to Launch 2 Stars (Average)

In a desperate attempt to push their 35-year-old son Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) out of the nest, a frustrated mother and father (Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw) hire a relationship consultant (Sarah Jessica Parker) to woo him into growing up and taking charge of his life.

What happens in Failure to Launch is the consultant manages to fall in "love" with her client who also becomes reluctantly involved. When he learns her "love" is a fraud, he leaves the family home and ends the relationship. Yes, they do get back together.

This movie is rated PG-13 because there is some sexual content, partial nudity and language. It also should be rated F for funny in a couple of places.

The signature comedic scene happens after Paula (the consultant) jumps into bed with Tripp and she must then explain to her roommate Kit (Zooey Deschanel) what happened. Paula has a policy of not sleeping with her clients.

The conversation takes place at a sporting goods counter and involves guns and ammunition and starts to get funny when the salesman suspects Kit, who is buying a shotgun and shells, is thinking of committing suicide. Kit is actually thinking about shooting a bird that is attacking their apartment, disturbing her peace and quiet.

Failure to Launch is worth watching for the last 25 minutes, when we become emotionally involved and the suspense of what is going to happen next captures our attention.

The director of Failure to Launch (Tom Dey) will arrive when he takes the 25 really good minutes of this film and stretches it out for 2 hours in a romantic comedy with the substance of "Sleepless in Seattle" or "When Harry Met Sally."

Maid in Manhattan 2 Stars (Average)

Maid in Manhattan is another J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez as Marisa Ventura) romantic comedy with Ralph Fiennes as Christopher Marshall, a senatorial candidate who thinks Marisa is a socialite.

While it does not appear that J-Lo is about to win any acting awards of substance, this may be her best effort. The script to Maid in Manhattan caught the attention of Sandra Bullock and Hilary Swank, both of whom showed an interest in playing J-Lo's lead character.

Jennifer Lopez does attract a number of special interest groups.

She was nominated for four awards: The Image Awards for Best Actress, the Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite Actress, and Teen Choice Awards for Best Comedy Actress, Best Liar and Best Liplock. If you think she has an audience among really young girls, you are right.

For Love or Money 2 Stars (Average)

Michael J. Fox (as Doug Ireland) and Gabrielle Anwar (as Andy Hart) come together in For Love or Money, a cute, light-hearted romantic comedy of no real substance.

Doug, a concierge for a New York hotel, saves all of his money to open his own hotel. His chief financier, Christian Hanover (Anthony Higgins), is Andy's married boyfriend. Doug, of course, must decide which is more important, love or money.

Yeah, I know, it is hardly an original story line, but nothing seems original these days. You take what you can get, and For Love or Money makes it an easy, if not significant, entertainment piece.

The Wedding Planner 2 Stars (Average)

The Wedding Planner is another romantic comedy with J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore) and Matthew McConaughey (as Steve Edison). Mary is a wedding planner who is planning Steve's wedding when she falls for Steve, a handsome doctor. Steve is about to stroll down the aisle with his internet tycoon girlfriend.

Do not spend a lot of time trying to figure out what happens next as the movie progresses.

Hey, like I said, these are four very average flicks you watch for entertainment without getting all stressed out.

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