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From "fast Technology" To "slow Technology"

     The development of science and technology is not necessarily a plus for our lives, along with its potential problems like overload brought about by advances in information technology and interference. In the end, maybe we need new technology to solve old technology. From the efficiency of the first fast technology "to the people of this for first" slow Technology, "which may achieve this?

See a couple in the street a few days ago, with an umbrella in the rain quietly sitting on the bench on the side of the road, this is a very warm memories, if the two are not each holding a cell phone dedicated input with what ...

As the Microsoft Windows Phone promotional video of the show, similar scenes should have been for most people, is no stranger to commute in the restaurant dinner table, in the park, and you could see glued to the phone and not pay attention to the actual landscape around person. I sometimes unconsciously similar behavior, but when she saw the Cult of Mac introduced this designed for iPhone users, so that they can more easily at any time to use their own cell phone jeans, I suddenly realized that this behavior see how funny.

Refused smartphone technology philosophers Kevin Kelly might think the midst of addiction course of the year in science and technology reporter Paul Miller, one may think so, twice the founder of start-up companies, famous angel investor Joe Kraus obviously so thought. Its last month held a keynote speech titled "Slow Tech", expressed his concern for the impact of modern technology on our attention and creativity. In his view, had never had to count the website, to the constant flow of social media information flow, and then to carry mobile tablet device push the growing proliferation of modern technology to bring before some interference reality exchanges around life adversely affected, and also allow people to focus on more difficult than in the past to a particular thing, but constantly seek new stimulus for creative work devastating consequences.

Fast technology worry

As it was claimed the phone reading to take full advantage of the debris as heavy users of smart phones often have such a habit - constantly come up with the phone, view the above, there is no new information that would otherwise boring idle time in the this era is indeed fully utilized.

But on the one hand, these fragments of time that it was not such worthless people think, recall when you most inspired: not busy to cope with the large number of irrelevant complicated information, but in those who do not have a particular matter time of debris (bathing, waiting for the subway ...), fragments of time so that our brain is free to deal with those that we usually do not have the energy to deal with the information, inspiration often from ubiquitous technology so these fragments of time no longer exist, How much creativity does not disappear in that which is not that a pity. On the other hand, the side effects of the time to view the behavior of the new information, we become more and more easy for the interference of outside information, and more difficult to focus on one thing.

In this case, we can multi-task parallel, many people said. But we really can cope with multi-tasking? The study shows that are good at multi-tasking is not a human brain, our brain is made during the so-called multi-tasking is actually only between different tasks quickly switch. In this case, the efficiency of our work is not only reduced by 40%, also a significant decline in the level of intelligence.

These all the time interference caused not only limited to how technology is changing the relationship between people has been a sociologist and Internet practitioners interested in the topic. Not long ago, the Atlantic article entitled "Facebook make us more lonely?" Article caused controversy, the article mentioned the point of view of of John - Iker okpo Professor, University of Chicago: "The network just provide a false intimacy, This relationship can never replace a real person. "although in fact the case can not be determined, but from the text of the first of a couple of cases we can see, when we continue to view the phone in front of others and other information, this behavior The implicit message is: "I view things on the phone is more important than you." this information be caused by a relationship what the consequences are very obvious.

The potential of science and technology

Advances in technology might make us slowly lose something, but corresponding, may bring new opportunities for us. Famous American investor, writer Paul Kedrosky, when we use the Internet and social media face huge data and information in some cases is a distraction, but they also might be our new inspiration sources.

The evolution of science and technology

Revolutionized our social form as the invention of the book, we may also are in a similar change era, while technology can bring problems as those mentioned previously may just be a transition in the change process.

The research groups named SlowTech reason why information technology is becoming more of a variety of problems, because information technology since its founding date only purpose is to improve the efficiency and speed of the work environment, the user, the so-called "fast technology". Consumer technology increasingly mainstream technology for us is no longer just means work, have better communication and understanding with your friends, inspire more creative inspiration attributes, this meaning between efficiency and life the best balance.

In the end, perhaps just as Microsoft ad said, we need new technology to rescue us from the old technology. From the efficiency of the first fast technology "to the people of this for first" slow Technology, "which may achieve this?

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