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From A Beginner To A Perfect Magician

     The great art of magic is a combination of many ingredients but there is no recipe for a perfect magician. Anyone who would like to become an illusionist should know, that stunning tricks and natural talent are important factors - but practice and a long learning process are crucial for the artist, to develop skills and become a world-class entertainer.

Magic's purpose is to astonish and surprise the audience, as well as amaze with cleverness or sense of humor. The illusionist's manual skills are valuable but quick gestures can arouse suspicions, while slow, precise movements will intrigue the audience. Some of the best magicians in the world use quite straightforward tricks, this seems to be the key to their success. Every beginner should keep that in mind - it is not about how complicated and compound the trick is. It is better to focus on the final effect than be absorbed by all the difficult parts and details, or worried that something might go wrong. The more complex the trick is - the more carefully audience is going to watch it, to spot even the smallest lapse. All inexperienced illusionists, as well as the best magician's fear is to make a mistake that would be spotted by audience. That is one of the main reasons, why the show should be kept simple.

It is a significant benefit for all beginners, some might feel confident enough to start perform in front of a family or friends first. Practicing is inherent in every learning process but artists can also develop through their performances - all great entertainers had to gain their confidence this way. The more shows - the better magician can become, but the same tricks should not be presented to the same audience to many times in the row, because someone might discover the illusionist's secret. It is easier to stand the criticism from some friendly, familiar people than from complete strangers, it is an excellent lesson, before performing in front of the proper audience.

Every year brings loads of new tricks as the old ones worn out. To stay in the leading group of the best magicians in the world, illusionists are constantly looking for fresh ideas and keep improving their skills and shows.

Although, there are some well known rules that never changed. One of them says that all performers can gain their experience by doing magic tricks but the illusion's program should be well thought-out and precisely prepared. Every trick's final should be a base for beginning of the next one, although the very first illusion is the most important - its purpose is to attract attention of the audience immediately. It has to be perfect, done with no mistakes or doubts. Once again - it is better to keep it simple and pick the trick that is mastered.

Every single trick has to be a bit more difficult and complex than a previous one and follow it without any gap - this will help building up the tension. It is essential to put the right trick in the appropriate order, also to use those with a surprise element or a little turn around and add a bit of fresh sense of humor.

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Ready to book a magician? Drew Thomas Magic was a finalist on America's Got Talent with his fresh and awe inspiring magic. Head over to his site for more info and to view his magic videos.

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