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From Audition To Callback To Booking Commercials

     There are dozens of audition technique tips I have given in previous articles and can be found on my partner page at MTT that would be really beneficial, but right now, the most valuable information I can offer to help you to do your best callbacks is offer some insights on:

Commercial Callback Anxiety

Commercial auditions can be challenging for actors but callbacks are a cause of anxiety for most actors. The pressure is on because the casting directors, producers and directors; the decisions-makers, are in the room. You know that everything little thing you do is being carefully judged and that creates more anxiety. Changes of direction are sometimes made at the last minute, giving actors very little time to be secure with the adjustments. And the there's the money that you can make if you book the commercial... you really need the money i and because it is a callback, the pressure you put on yourself to do well can be problematic.

Every audition, especially callbacks, are a precious opportunity to work as an actor, make money, create contacts and fans and move a career forward. When actors fixate on these expectations before auditioning, it normally creates anxiety and pressure. Don't focus on disempowering thoughts and questions, such as:

> Did I wear the right outfit?

> Maybe I should have done something different with my hair?

> Did I work on the material enough?

> I hope they don't notice that my skin is broken out.

> How many people will I be auditioning for? Who are they?

> Will they direct me before I read?

> What will they ask me? What should I ask them?

> Will they think I am physically right for the role?

> I wonder if the reader is going to be any good?

> I haven't seen this CD for a few months - maybe she doesn't like my work?

> How will I do? Will they re-direct my reading?

> Am I right for the role?

> What will they think about my audition?

Many of these thoughts flash quickly through almost every actor's mind, especially those who are new to the business. These are the same types of concerns that people usually have interviewing for any job. At callbacks, because the stakes are raised, the concerns get more intense for most. Actors who are unfazed at the initial audition often have callback anxiety. Now, because you made it to the next round of auditons in the callback, the thoughts are:

They must like me; now the pressure is really on! It's only between a few others and me; I have to be great. Will my agent (or manager) dump me if I don't book this job? What did I do that made them call me back? I really need the money. My competition must be good. I hope I don't "blow it" now, and so on...

This "brain-noise" is normal. How you deal with your questions, concerns and expectations will determine how much power those thoughts have. You must learn how to alleviate, use or quiet them, or they will take their toll on your work. I know great actors who can't get out of their heads at interviews (and refuse to do anything about it), and their work suffers. I also know less-talented actors who shine because they have very little "noise" and are excited to be auditioning.

What you think influences how you feel, and how you feel, impacts your audition.

With time and experience, actors usually figure out how to alleviate this self-imposed stress. In the meantime, work on your audition anxieties whether it is with self-help books, hypnosis, audition classes, coaching, therapy, talking with friends or teachers and/or developing a sense of humor about your disempowering thoughts - the sooner the better!

SUGGESTION: What you think produces feelings. The feelings are real but the thoughts you created are not real. So be careful what you are saying to yourself. And remember to breathe...

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