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     Some people like reading about fun and bizarre entries, from history to the current events they find these things as funny and or bizarre. Bizarre things also happen to be from studies carried out by scientists to try and explain things taken to be out of this world. Television programs have cropped up from this and have gained quite a number of viewers and critics over time. Below are some articles that would be taken to be in the top list of fun and bizarre:

A bizarre study carried out on people and their reaction to sound indicates that many people react to phantom sounds like those on their cell phones. Many are times you see someone looking at their phone even without it ringing. This is because in their mind they heard the phone ring or they felt it vibrate while in fact no one has called them or sent a text. This has been evident in nursing mothers who at times go to look at the baby thinking that the baby was crying only to find the baby fast asleep.

Another bizarre study carried out is about the position used in the lavatory. In western society the sitting position is used due to the amenities provided for compared to Japanese toilets where usage requires squatting. Several debates have been held on the benefits of either two types of toilets and concrete conclusion is yet to be reached. Other than the mess risk factor provided by the squatting it is taken to be the best way for one to do their business as it allow easy emptying of the bowels. The western style toilets which people sit on present advantages like less strain in thighs, calves, ankles and lower back but is said to cause a narrow anorectic angle which strains emptying of the bowel.

One of the most bizarre people to live was Michel Lolito, whose career in entertainment entailed consuming everything. His stage name Monsieur Mangetout loosely translated to Mister Eat Everything did exactly as his name state. He would eat pieces of metal, rubber and several other materials. Since the age of sixteen this man has eaten unusual objects and has never reported ill effects from this. This is even after consumption of poisonous materials. During a show he would eat about 1 KG of metal using mineral oil and taking large quantities of water.

A bizarre war against emus was carried out in 1932 where after the series of droughts that hit Australia caused emus to travel to populated areas in search of water. Instead of people finding a way of helping the second largest birds after the ostrich by creating a water hole. They called upon the military that went to fight the emus using machine guns but lost the fight by virtue of expenses of ammunition. This is because the emus under attack formed smaller groups which were difficult to kill. This menace was only reduced when people were allowed to trap emus in a bid to reduce the population.

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