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Funny Boxers! Show Off Your Sense of Humor.....on Your Butt!

     Funny boxers! Since the invention of funny T-shirts, there has not been a better way to show off your sense of humor on an article of clothing. Funny boxers not only make great gifts, but everyone should own a pair themselves.

Overall, there are 5 reasons that every man (and woman) needs to own a pair of funny boxers:

Reason 1: They make great gifts for any occasion!

A pair of funny underwear makes the perfect gift for pretty much every occasion. Whether
its a birthday, graduation, X-mas gift, or wedding anniversary, nothing that "I love you" like a pair of funny boxer shorts. Funny boxers come in almost any category ranging from animal lovers, cartoon enthusiasts, sports fanatics, or fans of adult beverages (that's beer and liquor for those that are wondering.

Reason 2: You immediately have something to talk about if your pants accidentally fall down!

Imagine this scenario: You are hanging out with a group of your friends, having a good time, and then oops….there goes your pants. As you stand there embarrassed with your pants at your ankles, regretting your decision not to buy that $10 belt you saw at Wal-Mart, you wish….no you hoped that you would have at least put on a decent pair of underwear. Instead, you are standing there in your boring Hanes tighty whities while everyone else is laughing. First of all, you shouldn't be wearing tighty whities anyways (their bad for your sperm count) but that's another story for another day. Secondly, if you were wearing a pair of funny boxers then this whole embarrassing situation could have been avoided. Instead of laughing at your unfortunate mishap, you are now immersed in a conversations of why your funny boxer shorts are filled with cartoon ants with the saying "Ants in My Pants". See. These boxers are instant problem solvers.

Reason 3: You will become more popular with your friends and family!

Nothing says "I have an awesome sense of humor" like a pair of funny underwear. And everyone loves someone with a sense of humor, that's a scientific fact. Seriously! Go Google it! Get ready to laugh, cry, sing, and dance with your new pair of funny boxers. However, I do have to warn you about something. In some occasions, these boxers are so funny and so popular that people may try to steal them from you. In addition to that being gross, I suggest boxer theft prevention. There are plans out there I'm sure. If not, then just buy your friends and family their very own pair. And maybe some therapy, since you have to be crazy to steal someone else's underwear.

Reason 4: Funny underwear will make you thinner!

You might be saying to yourself: "How is a pair of funny underwear going to make me thinner"? Well, the answer is actually very simple. The first step is to go out and get yourself a pair of the funniest boxers you have ever seen. Second, make sure to wear these boxers while you are working out for at least 30 minutes a day. They are perfect to use while weightlifting, jogging, bicycling, aerobics, karate, and any other form of physical activity. Combine this with eating healthy and there you have it! Your funny boxers will make you skinny in no time.

Reason 5: Your butt will thank you!

We all know that your butt can't talk. Well not in English anyways. I think mine speaks Spanish. But if it could it would thank you wholeheartedly for covering it with a brand new pair of funny boxers. We all do things to make our bodies happy. We work out, eat right, etc. So shouldn't we listen to our bodies and dress it accordingly? So make your butt happy and give it what it wants in a new pair of funny boxer shorts.

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Want your very own pair of funny boxers? Visit Funny Boxers .net!


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