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Giclee Canvas Prints Defined

     What exactly is a giclee canvas print? What does that word mean? Well a giclee (pronounced zhee clay) is the greatest way to capture the color and resolution of a work of art in order to reproduce it. The word is French for "to spray."

This type of copying technique came about in the late 1980's and was perfected and coined by a man named Jack Duganne. He was a printer with Nash Editions and this word he coined was used to describe reproducing fine art with the aid of an IRIS, which was the first machine that was used to reproduce art with the aid of an inkjet. This was a copier that reproduced images with a higher resolution and finer, smoother color transition.

Over time, a giclee, such as a canvas print, was any that was reproduced using an inkjet and archival ink. This type of ink is fade resistant, which is a huge concern when reproducing art.

Now there are many different surfaces to choose from when deciding how you want the copy to be displayed. You can choose from matte photo paper or cotton canvas print. You can also choose between watercolor paper and textured vinyl.

This can give the artist a cost effective way to create their work of art and then archive it. Once it is saved on a computer, the artist then has the freedom to mass produce the piece or produce it as they need it one at a time.

This gives the artist an edge on the costs of reproduction as the old way was to create a template, and then run a massive quantity all at once because they were contracting this work out. This cuts out that middle man. A lot of artists now own their own reproduction equipment and do this work themselves.

Not only can an artist use a canvas print to archive their work, but they can also then resize the work to meet the needs of their customers. Before this method evolved, there were only two choices when needing different sizes of a piece of art.

You would either be faced with the costly and time consuming chore of painting each sized work of art by hand, or you would have to pay someone to do different sized templates while also paying to have a run done in each size.

It would be impossible for many people to go to an art gallery and purchase a work of art that was the original done by the artist. By using this wonderful reproduction process, the consumer now can add the beauty of art to the décor of their home without breaking the bank.

They can also purchase the art to fit that huge wall in the living room or purchase a smaller copy that would be more suitable for the area, that isn't quite as vast, by buying a canvas print.

With the technological advancements that have been made in the world of inkjets, now the exact color and texture can be duplicated for everyone to share for years to come by using this method.

Betz Gallery is an expert in Giclee , canvas print and reproductions.

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Betz Gallery is an expert in Giclee , canvas print and reproductions.

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