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Giclee on Canvas

     In the early days of art, people had to replicate pictures by hand, but that all changed when people could put Giclees on canvas. Giclee prints revolutionized the way the duplicating process was done.

Having to hand-paint everything all over again just to sell it took a lot of time and effort. With this printing, inkjet printers not only made copies faster, but they produced great quality as well.

It is a way for art lovers to get a copy of their favorite work or art from their favorite artist for a low price. Buying an original is simply out of the question for most people, but getting Giclees on canvas was an affordable option.

Artists are a fan of this process as well because it allows them to duplicate their paintings for a reasonable cost, and spread it around to help get their name out to the public.

A printing press was used before this process came along. It was done in a similar manner as an image would get put on a T-shirt.

There were a few problems when doing this though. The colors weren't that vibrant looking, and it wasn't very durable.

The prints wouldn't stay on for a long period of time. Improvements were made and finally, the inkjet printer came along and made it possible to put Giclees on canvas.

It was noticed right away that using this process created a near perfect replicate of the original painting. The process then became the standard way of duplicating paintings.

As mentioned above, a person can use this process to duplicate a famous work of art that they enjoy looking at. Art shouldn't be all about the value of a painting; it should be all about the way it makes you feel.

They can pay considerably less for a copy of a masterpiece, and get the same feeling of pride and enjoyment getting this done. It doesn't have to be a famous painting, though, it could just be any photograph that a person treasures.

Someone may have a priceless photo of a grandparent that has passed away that is deteriorating. Instead of letting it fade away, they could use the Giclees on canvas process so they can have it to cherish forever.

This is a great tool for interior decorators to use when they are working with an empty home. They just need to find out what the clients favorite art style, artist, and theme are to get some ideas of what to get.

It is such a nice feeling to have artwork hanging in the home or office, but seeing Giclees on canvas is an exceptional feeling. It just adds an elegant look to any room.

Whether it is a self portrait, or a copy of a Monet, it will become the conversation piece of the event. They also make the perfect anniversary present to a spouse. It is a nice gesture getting a special picture framed for a loved one, but transferring that photo to canvas is going above and beyond.

Betz Gallery is an expert in Giclee , giclees on canvas and reproductions.

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Betz Gallery is an expert in Giclee , giclees on canvas and reproductions.

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