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Giclee Prints Provide Alternative

     Giclee prints have come upon the scene in the art world in the past few decades. This art form has taken off in popularity as these prints have surpassed the older, preferred method of reproducing works of art called lithography.

Advancements in modern technology have made this possible. This form of reproduction uses the innovations in printing and computers to create near perfect replicas of paintings and photographs that are suitable to hang in the best art galleries in the world.

This new process had its beginnings in the 1980s. It wasn't until the 1990s that the now common name for this technologically-inspired art form was coined.

Jack Duganne has been credited with the naming of the form. The first acknowledged publication of the word occurred in California in an art publication.

The process of creating the giclee prints influenced its name. Giclee is a word derived from a French word that means nozzle, or to squirt, spray out, or spurt.

This is indicative of what happens in the process of creating this type of art. The art work is replicated in a computer system that utilizes inkjet printing.

Inkjet printers squirt the ink out onto the canvas or other medium to produce an almost identical replica of the original work. This is not simply a computer generated image. It is far more complicated and the type of device used is specialized for doing this type of reproduction.

Originally, IRISes were the sole machines responsible for creating giclee prints. Many people believed then, and some still believe that the term IRIS or something similar would be more appropriate for the method of art reproduction.

However, today, there are other brands of devices that have the capability to create these kinds of fine art. Because it is taken from a French root, it is not pronounced using the general pronunciation rules of English.

The correct pronunciation is zhee-clay. Most people agree that this is a more elegant word and more descriptive of the process than the others principally proposed.

This is particularly true considering that IRIS machines are not the only ones producing this type of fine art anymore. The term coined for these reproductions gives a broader, more universal application that more closely reflects the scope that it encompasses now. Therefore, it is the best term for this new application that reproduces exquisite works of art.

These high quality works of fine art are more expensive than a lithograph print, but are more vibrant and truer to the original piece. Archival grade ink is usually used to insure that these digital reproductions retain their vivid clarity for many years. Giclee prints provide a version of art that is identical to the original piece, yet sells at a more economical price.

When in the market for fine art reproductions or photos on canvas, these twenty-first century creations are a viable consideration. They have eclipsed their forerunner medium of lithography and become a very popular method of creating gallery quality art for homes and business around the world.

Giclee prints are a type of modern art that embraces the use of technology and brings the two worlds of computers and classical art forms together to create a fantastic new product for art lovers everywhere.

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Betz Gallery is an expert in prints reproductions , giclee prints and oil paintings.

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