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God Does Not Forgive But Punishes Severely

     All one needs do is look at the state of the world and who are the people suffering the most to understand that God is punishing them? They were a vicious, conquering, enslaving people who raided, stole, murdered and overthrew all nations in their path as they expanded their empire.

Spreading out from Mesopotamia they pursued their lust for power throughout the Mediterranean region and eventually built the largest and most successful empire ever. They took their gods and rituals with them and Mari, sun-star, was their chief idol of worship.

As the Romans their earlier history has been overlaid with a lot of distorted facts that could not be undone until the Spirit commissioned me to do it. This followed my reincarnation and a vison shown between lives that focused on the age of 45 years. Two months past that birthday the Spirit pinned me to the bed with such force that I could not move a muscle.

'Tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young." This message was loud and clear in my head. Three quick visions followed showing me replacing Jesus Christ as the teacher on the mountain.

Many visions followed that explain how God was turned into a man on a cross while idols and icons related to the religion established by Constantine are displayed everywhere.

The power he had to do this came also from God. It was in the plan as a test for the children of the Spirit who have been tortured, exiled, murdered and enslaved for their refusal to surrender to his orders. He built the Vatican as a parliament to rule over the kingdom and the bishops were given power over life and death.

History records the horrible deeds the church has engaged in as it used methods we must shudder at to get its way. People burned alive at the stake are only part of the pain it inflicted. Books were burned and educated people tortured and maimed in retribution for discovering things that oppose its teaching.

As with all religions born of it the Dark Ages were horrendous enough but then came the Middle Ages and the burning of so-called witches. Anyone who did kind deeds for others were instantly under the gaze of the local bishops and priests and they could end up in the flames. Perpetrators of these things were reborn in new bodies after death as were their victims and they continued in their way.

"They hatch cockatrice eggs, and weave the spider's web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper." Isaiah 59:5

Evil people remain evil while the spiritual who are linked to the Spirit have struggled throughout their lives to discover the truth. Over and again they were born and died each time as a new vessel and each time closer to perfection. That is what the following words mean:.

"But now ... we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the work of thy hand." Isaiah 65:8.

The judgement is taking place now as people are back who have previously lived. They evil ones are being punished in their bodies as there is no other way to feel.

Eternal life will happen for the spiritual who have been the persecuted, the murdered, the tortured, and the upholders of truth. Everyone else is facing the wrath of God as new wars develop, diseases spread, famine takes hole and climate change alters everything while making life more difficult. The meek, however, will inherit the earth-- that is the promise the Spirit made to its children.

Constantine's religion and its off-shoots have tricked everyone into believing that they are worthy to be chosen by God. All they have to do is go to church, pay the priest and abide by its rules. The spiritual people have no outside temple as the one they worship is within.

"The meek shall increase their joy ... and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel. For the terrible one is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off." Isaiah 29:19,20.

The punishment being delivered now is going first to the sun worshipers and those who keep idols. They have discriminated and murdered and they are now being treated as they have treated others.

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The Roman Catholic conspiracy highlighted here took the world by storm and spread its evil far and wide. It started with the Assyrian, Constantine as explained on this site.

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