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Going Abroad for Medical Procedures

     Global healthcare, otherwise referred to as medical tourism, is an industry currently experiencing remarkable growth. Traveling overseas to avail of medical care is now a popular choice. The medical tourism industry is currently churning out $20 billion every year. With the growing number of medical tourists, this figure is expected to double in the near future.

Further details on medical tourism

Crossing borders in order to seek medical attention is essentially the practice of medical tourism. Low-cost procedures that are available in other countries is what most patients are looking for. A surgical procedure in another country could be 50 percent less expensive than it is in the US. This is good news for people who do not have insurance to help cover their medical bills.

According to reviews, the countries that are now known for catering to medical tourists are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and India. On average, each of these countries welcome 500,000 visitors looking to get a procedure.

The South Americas are popular destinations for people searching for cosmetic surgery overseas. It is estimated that Brazil has at least 4,500 certified cosmetic doctors—the most number of cosmetic practitioners than any other country.

Also, hospitals around the world are trying to keep up to par with the demands of their international clientele. Keeping an international standard in mind, more and more hospitals are trying to get accreditation from JCI. In America, JCI (Journal of Clinical Investigation) dictates what standards healthcare facilities should hold. A certification from JCI means that the hospital offers its patients quality service. About 100 hospitals have already gained JCI certification.

Most hospitals outside the US also make sure that they have the latest in plastic surgery. This is due to the fact that more and more Americans are now open to getting cosmetic surgery overseas. Expect hospitals to specialize in breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and laser skin resurfacing as these are the most popular cosmetic procedures performed.

Planning a health tour

There are two ways to go about getting an operation done abroad. One can either plan the whole thing on his/her own, or seek assistance from a medical tourism agency. The latter is usually the best choice, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of medical tourism. For a reasonable fee, one is guaranteed that the arrangements for the trip as well as the operation are well taken care of.

These companies are very helpful in providing information about the procedure the customer's interested in. They inform their clients of the numerous options available to them. When it comes to finding a suitable destination for medical travel, medical tourism companies can also be relied upon. They match a destination with the kind of procedure their client needs. A client looking to get cosmetic work done would most likely be advised to travel to Brazil, as Brazil is very famous for having the best plastic surgeons. These agencies also help their customers with the budgeting. They inform the client of other expenses besides the actual cost of the procedure. Also, they save their clients the trouble of finding a suitable doctor to perform the operation.

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