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Graphic Designers Say Their Designs Are

     This Graphic Designer's 'I Love NY' logo quickly spread across the state via tons of bumper stickers, t-shirts and buttons.

It was a phenomenon of epic proportion. An entire generation can instantly recognize the famous silhouette of a singer with crowns of lightning bolts and rainbow-colored hair.

Record collections dating from the 1960's will sport his designs on their covers. His work, even though millions of people know it, may not be considered to be art.

He'd rather not become involved in a conversation about this topic. He'd rather we just didn't use the word 'art'.

When interviewed in his studio, the artist suggested that the word 'art' be removed from our language and that we refer to everything as work.

Then, when the work is far above normal, we can refer to it as 'great work.

When the work is successful in its intentions, we may say that it is good, and when it fails to hit its mark, it is bad. Simple, right?

You may have heard of a large exhibit he held; it showed the 'Picasso of Design's' means of inspiration.

In the show he utilized red rope to show the attachment of each work to its inspiration. He posted the process drawings and sketches that proceeded the final work as well.

He calls this his procedure. He doesn't have an end point in mind, but rather allows his mind to be free as he finds inspiration.

Many things inspire his work - one began simply with paper wings and a postcard of an angel. A postcard of an angel with some paper wings, for instance, led to a painted variation of the initial theme.

Other odd items used in his work include comic strips. It is making fun of the traditionally pretentious, or stuffy, air of classical music, as it depicts a well-known pianist sneezing.

The artist refers to the world as his visual resource. One poster that he designed for a typewriter company in Italy utilized a famous painting as its theme to convey a distinct message.

This original painting shows a dead master, with a grieving dog at his feet. In the graphic artist's poster, the dog is shown by a bright red typewriter.

This designer was very instrumental in the launch of a prestigious studio in New York that helped to bring graphic design to a higher, more appreciated, level.

He helped to found a magazine for a major city, revolutionizing city magazines across the country. One well-known trade center sports the designs he created for the observation deck and the restaurants housed there; it even has a permanent exhibition.

The international AIDS symbol and poster are his work, as is the design of a supermarket chain. He was always intent on finding out how far he could push boundaries, and says he's always had a wide variety of interests.

The iconic poster mentioned earlier of the rainbow-hair singer has been reprinted in over six million copies.

The singer's hair is quite colorful in the poster, and is in keeping with an iconic profile made by another notable artist According to the artist, the majority of people think he must have been on drugs when he created this work.

The artist has denied taking drugs. Adults can enjoy his work when visiting a playground he created just for them; he also made a children's play area.

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