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Healed in Jesus Name

     It's a great experience to feel the power of God through your hands. The energy becomes so strong that it feels like water pouring forth from your fingertips. It also occurs through the phone, over the Internet and through e-mails. These are possible for anyone seeking healing and even for those who don't. A simple testimony can engage the power.

My first healing contact was a woman who had an ear condition. As I put my hands over her ears and rebuked it in Jesus name one of my hands became so sensitive that through it I saw the condition and watched as it came out onto my hand and she was instantly healed. It was something for which an operation had been performed some time earlier and it was by then worse than ever.
So what is it about the name Jesus?

It is perhaps the best known name in the world and many will say it involuntarily when they face a crisis. It is advertised widely on billboards and elsewhere and wherever one looks there is something to remind you of it.

Healing and miracles were once only known through the New Testament. That document, however, has been shown by me to have been produced by the doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, Jerome. He also translated the Septuagint from the Greek version and combined the two into the first bible, the Vulgate, which he published at the end of the 4th CAD.

What he did is known to me to be against the truth and yet his publication contains many things that are true. This was a contentious issue until the Spirit showed me that if it were not for that book the name Jesus would not be known.

Where did the name Jesus come from?

Following my reincarnation and commissions from the Spirit to undo the lies and expose the fraud perpetrated by Constantine, the Emperor of Rome identified in the bible as 666, there was a huge learning curve ahead of me. It meant deciphering the past in a way that few, if any, have understood. I was taken back to the earliest thoughts of mankind and then to Babylon where the Trinity has its origin.

When sounds were nothing more than that made by animals, such as apes (our nearest relatives), there was something that happened to them and set some apart. They looked at an image of the sun and saw a magic sign that they could not figure. It happens when the sun rises and the rays hit a mountain peak, as an example, and they divide into the colors of the rainbow.

This was beyond the brain at that time and yet it formed a god of worship that is still with us today. In their simple minds they needed to discover where this mighty god existed. From then on they worked tirelessly to reproduce it and even to have it on hand.

The Earliest Possible Sounds for Spirit

There was one sound that applied to it. 'Sssssss' is one of the easiest to make and easily formed by tongues that could not yet speak words. Eventually it gained another sound 'iiiii' or 'eeeee' and that is still the one associated with 'eye'. Combined [i-s] means 'eye of light' and is the oldest term for Spirit.

That is the term still associated with the name 'Jesus'.

It was promised that when we understand the meaning of these terms then all things will be known: "And it shall be at that day ... that thou shalt call me 'Issi' and no longer 'ba-al-i". (Hosea 2:16).

There was no letter [J]
That allows for 'isis' to become 'j'sis' and then 'jesus'.

That means that 'Jesus' is the name of the Spirit. It also means that the name was applied to the image put up by Constantine and called Jesus Christ.

As a highly ambitious and brutal general he fought and manipulated his way to sole rule of the Roman Empire that had previously required 5 emperors to control. Once he achieved his goal he formed the Roman Catholic Church based on the Islamic religion of Babylon. It was to that city that the Spirit led me to discover the origin of the Trinity that allowed the Conspiracy noted in Ezekiel 22:25,26.

The Trinity of Babylon.

The day of the Lord was shown to me in a vision as a line stretched out. In the beginning was EVE and in the middle NOON written in large capital letters. At my position was EVENING. Where it said noon there was a figure of a man on a cross standing above a crowd that was reaching up and calling his name. Here it was almost dark while the two ends were lit in brilliant light.

It demonstrated that Eve was not a woman but the Spirit of God that came to a group at the beginning of the day. Jesus Christ appeared some 2,000 years ago as the subject of the New Testament and that makes the day 4,000 years long.

At the beginning of it the view the majority had of God is noted in the Babylonia religious iconography and in writings of the time. The three aspects of the trinity were Anna, the sun, Bel (Ba-al-i) the earth and Ea, from which we get 'air'.

The Sun-Star.

'An' is in 't-an' for an effect of the sun on the body and it means 'cross of an'. That is because the sun-star that appears as a series of perpetually moving rainbow colored lights when the rays are refracted have a right-angled cross in the center. It was on this symbol that men decided they could rise to the heavens with the sun as its mate.

Other names for it were 'Ishtar' or 'I-star' which is 'eye star'. It was also called 'Mari' or 'Mary' and we know this because a city was named after her which is located 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Assyria. These cities were dominated by a murderous group of raiders called Amorites (the Amor) and they dominated the entire Mesopotamian region.

They also built Roma (reverse Amor) and became the Romans. This part of their history is well known but their origins have been covered over by the religion Constantine founded based on the principles and rituals of Babylon.

"Babylon the Great" is how it is referred to in Revelation 17:5. She is decked in jewels and holds a cup of fornication in her hand (verse 4).

This is Istar, Mary and the sun. Constantine reinstated her as the Mother of God instead of Mother God. Jesus Christ is styled after Krishna (Chrishna), the third person and Christ of the Vedic Trinity of India.

The Confusion has Delivered the Spirit of Israel.

Humans can not accept new things readily. They have to be gradually conditioned into it. This is what religions know and so they don't change. Nor could Constantine suddenly change anyone's mind or belief in his time. Brainwashing from birth causes the mind to be locked into a way of seeing things that is not easily overturned.

Inside the Spiritual people, however, there is a little voice that can be heard leading and guiding one to think and act differently to the norm. That voice is strengthened in those who are now seeking the truth and coming away from traditional religions.

They are learning that healing takes place using the name Jesus. It has drawn them back and is the main reason why God had to become the man on the cross.

Why indeed! Why do they not see through the lies and come to the fullness of the Spirit? Why do they harbor false gods and pray to statues and icons which have no power.

When the power works it is only through the manifestation of the energy of the real God that it happens. Some have come to know that source and are using it every day to draw people back to the truth. That is that healing is through the name Jesus and that is the Great Spirit of the Universe.

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Norma's true reincarnation story is a free download from this site. It explains why she has identified the religion of 666 as that of Babylon and why Jesus Christ was invented. Called by the Spirit 30 years ago for this job she works only for the Spirit & has answers that people need.

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