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Healthy Alternatives To Beef Products

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Males are found to like meat more than females. They take it in large amount so their health is affecting more than females due to red meat.

Researches reveal that eating red meat on regular basis can shorten your life span.

Red meat is rich in cholesterol and saturated fat which are the main causes of different heart diseases.

Processed meat contains large amount of sodium which leads to high blood pressure. A person can suffer from different heart diseases if his/her blood pressure does not remain normal.

Red meat is the cause of many different types of cancer such as colon cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

People who consume red meat in large amount will be more obese than people who cut off meat from their diet. Obesity is also the cause of many health problems.

Consuming red meat even in small quantity is found to be harmful for your health. A recent study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health reveals that daily intake of unprocessed meat increases the death rate by 13 percent. The statistics for processed meat is different, it is found to be 20 percent for the processed meat.

As many people are consuming red meat it is necessary to offer some alternatives which can make people to cut off red meat from their diets.

Use Vegetarian Beef

For many years certain companies are offering vegetarian beef which is serving well as red meat alternative. Vegetarian beef is plang-based, GMO free and free of soy which make it health friendly.

Introduce Legumes in your Diet

Common view is that legumes should be taken by people who want to lose their weight or have some other health problems. Some people think it should be taken only by those who are vegetarians. But in reality it should be taken by everyone who wants to remain healthy. You can take legumes in many forms instead of just in soups or cooked form.
Legumes are healthy for your body as they are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in fats. So it is best alternative for red meat.


White meat is considered to be healthy because of the useful nutrients it contains. It is found to be rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. It is low in fat and saturated fat. All these things make it more suitable for your body than red meat.


Eggs are considered to be detrimental to your health as the egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. But there are many other foods you are taking daily and are rich in cholesterol. If used in controlled amount it would be beneficial for your health.

Eggs are found to be low in calories and fat. It contains fatty acids such as Omega-6 and considered to be rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Along with these health benefits it is also very economical.

Fish and Seafood

Including fish twice a week in your diet would lower your craving for red meat. Fish should not be overly cooked as it will deprive you of basic nutrients. It is also recommended to use oil in low quantity so it does not become the source of fats.

Fish is healthy for your body as it is low in calories and saturated fats. It is found to be rich in protein, good fats (omega), vitamins and minerals.

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Seafood can also be used as alternative for red meat. They provide the human body with protein, good fat, vitamins and minerals. So consuming seafood is no doubt a treat for your body.

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