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Heaven, Hell & Reincarnation

     Even before really looking into it for many years I considered the whole heaven and hell business to be suspect. I suspected that it was an invention to control and manipulate the masses into pacification. One again another case of the masses accepting authority without really questioning.

The idea that when you die you're going to be sent to an eternity of either; bliss where there's harps and hosannas or an eternity of damnation, tar barrels and toasting folks is quite illogical to me. What about the in between of these 2 extremes? Surely, when people die, if there is a judgement day, in fairness, shouldn't there be at least some sent somewhere in between?!

There's something else about Hell that makes it illogical as a punishment system: If you were found guilty in a law court, you know that you'd be given a punishment fitting to the crime committed. Of course, the greater the crime the greater the punishment. However, even if you were one of the most prolific criminals on the planet you would still only be able to commit a finite amount of crime in your lifetime and, if found out, only receive a finite amount of punishment. Hell is therefore illogical because for a finite amount of sin it means receiving an infinite amount of punishment.

Oh yes, and what about the idea of burning in Hell. When we die aren't we supposed to be non-physical ethereal spirits incapable of getting burned..?!

Reincarnation: real or just a concept?

For me, reincarnation is very real. Like countless other people I have experienced reincarnation for myself. Those who have never experienced it cannot flatly dismiss the subject when the fact is that there exists numerous accounts; interviews, texts, documents...etc on the subject from various individuals, religions, cultures, creeds, establishments and spiritual groups in different places and timelines across the world all offering evidence. The question is, if people keep coming back lifetime after lifetime then how come is it that they never went to heaven or hell in between lives? I put it to you that they never went to heaven or hell because no such places exist.

-The early Roman Catholic Church saw this 'hole in the plot': How could anyone ever believe their new religion with its made up heaven and hell scenario when reincarnation could be found in the Gnostic/Pagan mysteries? Here it explains that all souls originally came from God and are capable of returning which doesn't make their Jesus character anything special:

Every soul has existed from the beginning; it has therefore passed through some worlds already, and will pass through others before it reaches the final consummation. It comes into the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defeats of its previous life. - Origen, De Pricipiis, 3.1.20-1.

Similarly, 'The Secret Book of John' says that the immortal soul will continue to reincarnate until it is 'saved from its lack of perception, attains Gnosis, and so is perfected', after which 'it no longer goes into another flesh'. [114]

The 'Pistis Sophia' teaches that a soul cannot be brought into the Light until, through many lifetimes of experience, it has understood all of the Mysteries. Having progressed on the spiritual journey during this life, however, its next incarnation will be into a 'righteous body which shall find the God of Truth and the Higher Mysteries'. [115]

Supporters of reincarnation included. Plato (582-507 B.C.), Origen (185-254 A.D.), St. Clement of Alexandria (150-220 A.D.), St. Gregory (257-332 A.D.), and- St. Augustine (354-430 A.D.)...

So the early Roman Catholic Church stamped out all the evidence they could find relating to reincarnation while posthumously condemning Gnostics/Pagans such as Origen as heretics. The council of Nicaea 325 A.D called by Emperor Constantine and later, the council of Constantinople 553 A.D called by Emperor Justinian were major events in history condemning and forbidding reincarnation.

The New Testament Jesus character was taken from earlier fictional/mythological Gnostic/Pagan 'god men.' All having the same biography as Jesus, their story was a symbolic representation how anyone could walk the spiritual pathway and obtain transformation; no longer needing to reincarnate and return to Godhead.

This is what the Jesus story really means, it has nothing to do with real life events. The fictional Jesus character really symbolically represents you and the opportunity you have to transform through Gnostic/Pagan spiritual practices.No wonder the Gnostics/Pagans were complaining that the new Christian religion was a watered down version of their practices...

So while covering-up and destroying the Gnostics/Pagans work on reincarnation with threats of punishment through death and persecution if claims were made on this subject the Roman Catholic Church then set about indoctrinating its followers with their cunningly made up you-only-have-one-life concept: This fear-based idea of not knowing whether you will go to heaven or hell, or when you die actually getting sent to eternal damnation does not show a loving, accepting God.

That's because it has nothing to do with God, it was made up by the early Roman Catholic Church to manipulate and control the masses. Think of how much more immediate support and attention the church has got with this form of mind control. It's rather like the analogy where shops advertise the slogan'Hurry now while stocks last...' In other words the church got more followers by getting them to believe that they have only one short life to get it right or face the terrible consequences... and remember the church claims connections with the big man in the sky so more money in the collection plate please...

The great reincarnation cover-up is what the Western world religions don't want you to know about. Even the religious education system basically doesn't mention this. That's because the lords and masters that have controlled and manipulated the religion also oversee the education system. However, having said all that, even the New Testament alludes to reincarnation.

Take the gospel of John. We have the high priests of Jerusalem asking John the Baptist if he was a reincarnation of Elijah (John 1 v-19). In Mark's gospel the disciples can be found discussing the possibility that Jesus is the reincarnation of John the Baptist, Elijah or someone else (Mark 8 v-27).

-Did the founders of the Roman Catholic Church forget to delete this?!

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