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Historical Future -- Origins of Omega

     Everyday the individual experiences a complex mix of the familial, vocational, political, sociological and the socio-pathological yet even those few with the highest levels of cognition only microcosmically absorb on a conscious level the vast expanse of existence. Literature has been dispersed to meet the needs of most throughout humanity's stratification of comprehension, from fables for children and the intellectually stagnant to combatant-style discourses meant primarily to feed its composers' withered egos and perceptual stance amongst their peers. Unfortunate for today's recipients, trained like soldiers by society to absorb and regurgitate, these latter textual endeavors, in consistency with the actions of the super-structured mentalities that created them, are deficient in purity.

Many a being has risen through the ranks only to embrace the temptation of coronation into the realms of a self-proclaimed highest authority. In biblical terms such proclamation, albeit subtle or blatantly overt, is false prophecy, and from the wisdom of an enlightened commoner, simply fools gold. To sway the masses, in every which direction but up, is too often the intention; indeed a sedation oriented, mummification of the senses is the popular goal from those who have obtained temporary illusory eminence. Even individuals of past and present with golden intentions had not and have not the radar to lift humanity to the highest of altitudes and therefore their efforts are merely pavement on a road leading inevitably to hell. For those rare beings closer than most to possessing the heart of hearts, by no mistake of their own, they lack the knowledge and know-how for such a grand accomplishment. This is solely reserved for the ONE.

One essential ingredient that is lacking in even the noblest of these mortals/immortals is the truth as to which direction is actually "up". This deficiency, to the dismay of many power-hungry, glory-seeking persons, will, if not the passage of time already revealed, ultimately dismantle their empires and its philosophic delusions of grandeur. For, if one contained this knowledge, which they undoubtedly do not, they would still lack the esoteric means to such attainment.

So what is the panacea to life's hardships? One must first understand what "life" is, and then understand that "hardship" is merely a matter of perception. Many believe that money eliminates pain, yet as with anything else, it is how it is utilized and perceived that determines its effect on the quality of a life. Indeed, money, though not the equivalency of happiness in and of itself, can certainly be, in an economic based society like the ones founded on earth, a facilitator to happiness. However, more times than not it has been mismanaged, disrespected, and abused. The obtainment of such capital at the behest of another is an accumulation that can never heal wounds of an individual's tainted soul. Therefore, money should be revered and acquired through clean route if blissfulness is within one's desires.

Yet still, a requirement to climb significant heights up the hierarchy toward fulfillment remains the ability to interpret in a pleasant fashion this "mystery" known as life, and must come from an individual whose suppressed emotions have been identified, accepted, and purged. A scientist who understands the interconnectedness of strict human biological functioning in all probability may suffer through ignorance of all essential matters of the internal.

Rooted in the abstract idea of a concrete object is the creation of that object itself. In essence, without a concept there is no conception what so ever. Giving meaning to an object not only creates a definition by which to judge that object, but in the most literal sense creates that object as well. This is why belief is so pertinent, for without it, the grandest manifestation that is, was, and will be the origin of the first universe, and those multitudes that followed simultaneously could not have been realistically imagined into experienced fruition.

Yet, this is but a mere aspect in life, a trifle of the highest magnitude, yet a trifle nonetheless. Indeed, without the eternal origin, and the great time-space continuum that makes it possible for a beginning to subsist at every point along the spectrum of experiential existence, there would be no current individual perception, and no perception of individual currency. However miraculous such a metamorphosis from a state of nothingness that never existed may seem, such a construction is hardly a "miracle" to the individual who possesses scientific knowledge of the mathematical processes involved in this critical development.

The laws of the astrological, leaked to humanity by higher-level beings, are dictated by the voluntary placement of spacious gas, hydrogen and helium, and various other elements of the periodic table, amassed as solidity yet porous as air. They govern all elements and every aspect of the human psyche-- from one's personality to their chosen fate and willful destiny. And they are responsible for physical appearance, environmental placement, and opportunities for triumph and failure in one's personal journey. Above all, they dictate in conjunction with the desire of the individual that individual's potential to love. The magnitude at which an individual may, and ultimately chooses to love, is purely of his or her own design.

So, many may respond in vagueness that love is life, or its comfortable reciprocal, life is love. Clearly an objective observation of any real scenario will display action rooted and sought out of the opposite of love, albeit jealousy, anger, or hatred. For the philosopher who claims such emotion is simply love on the flip side of its spectrum, in essence hatred and love, as with good and evil, being just one and the same form must immediately recognize that such proponing is, however true, leading a quick path to the answer of every inquiry ever imposed, that is that 'we are all One'. The problem is that such a solution lacks any depth to understanding the grandest truths of existence, unless one already possesses such required significant breadth of developed wisdom. Therefore, for intents and purposes, this given unity shall not be a scapegoat to the non-paradoxical truism that hatred and evil, though of the same form as goodness and love respectively, are not governed by such a polarity, and thus are individual states of emotion and behavior, and clearly distinct in nature. One may only measure, through a glance into the proclaimed windows of the soul, the sorrow an atrocity bounded in evil causes hearts rooted in goodness, and the fear a courageously loving soul causes those grounded in the dark side. The first example is of one that disturbs the harmonic rhythms of peaceful existence in the good, whereas the second is created through cognition of what the soul that harbors darkness is truly missing. As devastating the repercussions of an act of terror can be, an act of love can frighten one on a much deeper, more profound level.

In a society controlled by manipulative, freedom inhibiting forces, either the news broadcasts are founded on negativity and destruction, as in the earth's United States of America or its telecasts are of loving but irrelevant topics while corruption spreads its plague in realistic politick evident in modern day Russia. In either form, fear provokes through its prevalence states of uncertainty, compliance, and distorted nationalism. Yet, the distributors of fear are well aware of this desired form of adherence's natural fragility, and cower at the notion of an ignition point toward honest rebellion, and look to snuff any fires that offer a potential to aflame. In other words the concept of love is acceptable yet an individual whose actions spreads this concept, concretizing it through his or her deeds, becomes public enemy number one. One only has to brush through history to find such examples including Earth's perceived Messiah, two of America's greatest presidents and one of their brothers, a singer/musician, and a black martyr. Without the efforts of such individuals humanity may not have reached this juncture in time, and know, humanities final hours are amongst it. This ending of present existence as we know it creates a great urgency to discover exactly what the meaning of life is, so no man or woman can claim ignorance otherwise. Indeed, this particular discourse is a guide for the educated, as the news shall spread to the common man by the deeds of the noble.

Exactly what humankind will be faced with in the immediate future this individual could foretell yet one need only examine the most relevant aspects of life to determine direction and subsequent necessary preparation.

This document represents the beginning of the beginning of the end.

Life is indeed the greatest mystery, yet it is, from a particular standpoint all we know, and all a specific individual does know is all that actually exists for them, until they know more, either by voluntary search, happenstance, or outside forces directly affecting them and often by surprise to one's detriment.

One cannot directly communicate with God, whether it is the so-called ordinary or the ordained, until one has the ability to communicate... (continue article)

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