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Home Grown Aromatherapy Products

     It’s probably quite apt that the latest successes in the aromatherapy products market are coming from home grown sources. Aromatherapy, after all, with its aromatherapy essential oils, its apothecary look vials and its intriguingly old fashioned names, has something of an “underground” air to it already – a kind of wholesome protest against mass production, unfair labour and the heterogeny of big budget, big company medication.

Despite the attempts of “the man or woman” to keep it down, aromatherapy has risen slowly but surely to the top of its niche. Aromatherapy products are now tending to be grown and marketed in the country of origin of the supplier (so most UK aromatherapy essential oils are grown and sourced right here in the UK), which means that the companies doing the growing, and the companies doing the selling, are able to ensure properly fresh oils and ingredients and complete quality control. That makes a huge difference to the end product and contrasts directly and favourably with the mass production methods used by other companies promoting similar materials (dried alternative remedy pills, for example).

Some aromatherapy products suppliers here in the UK have taken the whole alternative aspect of their business and market one step further, and started grower’s co operatives, which pool resources, knowledge, seeds, tools and crops (and, of course, profits) to give multiple small quality businesses the protection of a larger umbrella company. One such company is Norfolk’s NE Oils (Norfolk Essential Oils), whose aromatherapy essential oils are actually the conglomerated produce of several small essential oils plant farmers. The farmers in question sell their products directly through the Norfolk Essential Oils label and all profits are shared equally.

The UK in general has been leaning more towards this “DIY” commercial ethic anyway, particularly since the economy collapsed and we all learned just how awful the big companies and banks actually were. And, indeed, are. Aromatherapy products simply happen to speak particularly well to this current feeling, particularly when they are made from home grown produce with not a multinational corporation in sight.

The aromatherapy essential oils produced by companies like NE Oils are steam distilled from carefully farmed and harvested plants – a process that requires a significant amount of quality testing and control to ensure purity and correct temperature. The attitude of all these new look, small is beautiful companies towards this kind of thing is simple and refreshing – why leave the most important part of the process to anyone else? By home growing and home distilling, aromatherapy products companies are able to make sure that every bottle they send out with their name on it is 100% up to standard.

Much to the chagrin of the big companies, the net effect of this fierce, almost dogmatic absorption in controlling all aspects of aromatherapy essential oils production is that any aromatherapy product produced by a company like NE Oils actually has a pretty up market air of exclusivity associated with it. Anyone who likes to “buy British” will go straight for them – as will people who just want to know that the aromatherapy products they are buying are the real deal. It’s a nice little victory for the nice little companies. Let’s hope they get their rewards.

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Norfolk Essential Oils (NEO) produces high quality>aromatherapy essential oils, aromatherapy products and floral waters with other products at affordable rates.

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