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How a Crime is Prevented by Surveillance System

     Many are aware how a CCTV camera have prevented or deters a crime. That fact is also the reason a law was made solely for it. Businesses are now being required by the national Government to install and maintain a good set of security camera within their work premises. For the entrepreneurs who would not adhere to it fines such as 1000php or below or a maximum of 6 months in jail are the consequences. Since a lot know of its importance, some may still question its ability to prevent crimes in the Philippines. Below are some of the proofs you may need.

CCTV Camera Prevents Crimes:

• The CCTV camera can fool an unaware outlaw
Some outlaws may be brave enough to violate a property even if a set of CCTV camera is installed. But the thing is, they really do not have an idea of the range a camera can cover. A standard camera can range up to 20 meters long, and a high-resolution camera can actually cover up to 60 meters or 80 meters. That is what you can take advantage from. Some cameras cover very wide angle while others have the ability to pan to up to 360 degrees, tilt to up to 180 degrees and zoom to up to 30x its normal view. There are cameras that may be disguised. Spy cameras on the other hand come in small and easy-to-hide sizes. These types usually come with two way audios that make spying even more fun.

• The CCTV footage is an unparalleled evidence
Evidences are hard to find especially if someone who is considered an expert did the crime. Now, the CCTV footages may be the only evidence you have. And with a detailed video of a crime, the police will have an easy time solving it. A camera can point the person who did the violation and it can show how the crime was done. Most of the things you need as a support for your legal claims can be easily captured. Today CCTV footages are considered solid evidence of a crime. Not only will you have footage of the action that took place, you will also have facial identification of the crime perpetrator.

• The CCTV camera minimized a crime rate in an area
Imagine an entire city covered by CCTV camera. The people in that city will surely have an easier time going around their neighborhood because they know someone is watching over them. Local police or other local authorities will be encouraged to do their job well enough to keep the city’s regulations because their bosses are also watching them. Regular citizen would have to follow the city regulations because they know there many possibilities they can get caught hence a city’s local officials will have an easier time focusing on deterring crime.

Having surveillance cameras have proven to be very helpful in minimizing crime rate as well as quicken rescue response. However, the only way to maximize its full function is to carefully look for a reliable CCTV supplier. Check out the company’s portfolio before making any transaction.

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Alvin Zafra works as an IT expert for one of the largest CCTV companies in the Philippines. He also works as a part time SEO writer for an international firm. You may check out this page for more helpful information about CCTV specs and proper usage.

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