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How The Best Comedies Affect Us

     The best comedies are comedies that tell us the truth about ourselves. The funniest comedic situations mirror an authentic part of ourselves we often try to hide. Because comedians highlight the most quirky and unique traits of the way we look, and communicate, the best comedians usually are expert mimics or impersonators.

When expertly done, impersonations have an uncanny way of reflecting our often peculiar and uniquely characteristic way we communicate. Impersonations usually reveal elements of truth about ourselves that we may begrudgingly admit to.

Comedy restores a sensible and balanced view of ourselves and our human condition. A hearty balanced view of yourself allows you to be more authentic. It is inferred that the common denominator between the human race is our struggle and need to overcome life unexpectances, foibles and disappointments. Comedians humorously keep us humble and true to ourselves, to each other while uniting us in a collective understanding that none of us have reached perfection or normalcy, however defined.

If laughter is the best medicine you can take, then many of us need it in large doses. Daily annoyances can weigh us down, and become unchecked stress in out daily routine. The recognition that our predicament is not that different from our neighbors just may be the gift that comedy shares with us. That recognition is sometimes all that is needed to maintain our resolve to continue on and see ourselves in harmony with everyone else, instead of the isolation that often accompanies such a negative view that we are alone in our hardship.

The best comedies remind us that our own situations are not unique. When observing comedic antics they usually are too absurd for reality, but usually have a vein of truth. Comedies sometimes serve as an analogy to our own dramatic predicaments and funny exaggeration of our own struggling attempt to deal with common headaches.

In the US cartoon, Bugs Bunny, always narrowly escapes near death as his nemesis, rabbit hunter, Elmer Fudd chases him episode after episode. Bugs antics are so ridiculous we laugh as the plucky rabbit always seem to stay two steps ahead of Fudd as he teases the poor hunters wacky attempts to capture him. The chase closely resembles our own lives as we feel constantly chased by negative circumstances. We can identify with Bugs as we are encouraged to outsmart our own hunters that slyly creep up on us.

The message is clear. Even if not literally, what is fundamentally communicated is that there is no problem that we cannot overcome. If we can identify with the comical and inventive rabbit that maneuvers his way out of every situation, we understand on some level, that we also can triumph in our daily demands. It is the ability to actually picture victory, and see our way through the situation before it happens.

The best comedies beg us to see ourselves in our true light, as we really are, human. Comedies have an uncanny way to take the stress out of the day, and aid our attempt to see our way through, even if it is just the message that we are essentially all the same in our struggle for balance and purpose.

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