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How to Avoid Having an Irritating Website

     Effective design is one of the most important factors that affect the overall success of a website. Since the main purpose of any internet presence is to attract visitors and hopefully keep interest levels high long enough to convert the visit into a sale, it is essential to have a design that is not only functional but pleasant to use.

Unfortunately, there are many instances of websites that are not only unpleasant to employ but actually irritating users, even though being annoying was surely not planned or intended. The concern is that when visitors are annoyed by their experience, they will click off to another result from the search engines and that would defeat the entire purpose of having an internet location in the first place. To avoid such problems, understanding which elements in web design should be left out to keep user experience at its best is a priority.

Common Annoying Distractions

Anyone who has ever clicked onto a web page and been met with loud or aggressive music, then frantically trying to find somewhere to shut it off if that could even be found - totally understands an issue such as this. Although the intent of having auto-playing music is usually to enhance user experience, all too often it has the opposite effect.

Other elements that can result in the same unpleasant outcome include video that auto-plays, flash animation, flash headers, difficult JavaScript menus and pop-ups, or layers of any kind. Not only are these elements employed, the whole bad experience starts over every time a visitor clicks to the homepage, which is so very irritating, especially if there is no way to stop it. All of these features should be left out because it distracts users from reaching the important information on the website.

Other design flaws like text that is either too small or too big, haphazard placement of images around the page, lack of design conformity from page to page, and having too much information in one location are also huge distractions that can confuse and distract viewers. The unfortunate result of confusing or otherwise annoying users with some of these unique features is a large and rapid click-off rate.

Design For The User

This is not to say that some of the aforementioned elements do not have a place on certain websites. Applied in moderation and on the appropriate websites, music and video can definitely enhance the user experience; this is more likely the case on more creative websites as opposed to the more business oriented ones. If music and video is that important, it is essential to be sure that it is appropriate, does not play too loudly, and either ends after a few seconds or can be easily turned off. This is also true for video. If it is determined that there is some kind of introduction or welcome that needs to run, it should be short and end automatically - or provide an obvious way to turn it off or skip it.

In most cases, business websites would be wise to just avoid such extra effects whenever possible. Design should focus on the content being presented and on guiding viewers of that content to an ultimate goal of some kind either information retrieval or a sale. Don't ask users to waste time thinking about how to disable special effects; that may be a nice design ego-trip but is most likely annoying from the user's side.

Every website should be designed to provide a good user experience. Envision these problem areas from the visitor's perspective and that might shed some light on where certain elements can be annoying or distracting. If there is any uncertainty in the matter, try some test runs and let visitors give feedback on whether some of those special effects should stay or not. After all, the important issue is not design applause but user satisfaction that is how to best avoid having an irritating website!

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