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How To Avoid The 7 Sins That Sabotage Your SEO Article Submissions

     There are a countless number of mistakes that an author can make in article writing and submission principle or technique. The seven that you will read about today, represent some of the most significant ones to avoid.

1. Inappropriate or Incorrect Article Length.
Choosing an article length that is too long or too short has immediate impact in two areas:

-- First, readers require enough explanatory or expository content to gain an accurate understanding of what it is you expect them to obtain from your writing. You should leave little guess work here, as it remains a key author responsibility to introduce, develop, plus conclude and additionally, to DIRECT the reader or visitor experience in article marketing.

-- Secondly, in the realm of effective and smooth article writing and submission, you will find that your request to many publication directories may be either halted or ignored due to a lack of preexisting "quota" content. In other words, many article directories, for instance, simply DEMAND that you have at least 500 words written WITHIN the article body itself. Upper limits are more flexible, yet generally remain under approximately 15,000 words. Yet, the source of difficulty for more generalized submissions normally comprises an issue of too short an article length.

2. False-Positive Article Submission Reporting.
Unless you assure to submit your articles by hand, you can easily encounter several instances of false-positive submission. Currently, article writing and submission demands that the average writer gains more exposure to vie off competitors, and many writers in addition to performing manual article submissions, also utilize software assistance for this purpose. However, it remains a little known fact that an automated submission system, even some of the best ones that exist, can inform you that you have made a "successful" article submission. Yet, as you log into the actual directory and check on the status of your article content, in many cases the directory will display the message, "No new articles or content found."

3. Failure to Support Your Currently Successful Article or Content Placement Status.

Making this long article writing and submission story short, a myriad of writers are under the impression that when a single article becomes dominant on the web, the author's work is finished. Quite the contrary, this happy event actually means that people are literally asking for MORE of your content on that similar subject matter be delivered to them. Thus, you need to analyze the keywords they indicate to you, and write new articles or content using those related keywords.

4. Submitting to Countless Article Content Distribution Networks with the Exact Same Text.

This is merely an alternate version of using duplicate content, which leads to low-PR search engine or supplemental results placement for the article writing and submission projects you publish.

5. Lack of Content Research Performance.

Although some gifted authors can write purely "from their heads," the average writer needs to gather research and supportive data to corroborate the statements and ideas he or she presents. Meaning that submitting your content without conducting accurate plus adequate research normally leads you to having an article that may score highly on search engines, and people may read it, too.

However, then without their needs for answers or questions being satisfied within your content, your readers and visitors become disillusioned, disappointed, or frustrated. This happens because your content fails to provide what it advertises or promises within its title, introductory, or abstract summary details. When this type of article writing and submission blunder occurs, the bottom line for you as an author is that you lose credibility, customers, potential followers, and the possible sales that would normally result from your article writing and submission efforts.

6. Shortcomings in Establishing Consistency or Relevance throughout Content, Campaign, and Completion.

An online author needs a unique, interesting, and intriguing MATCH to take place comprehensively throughout the theme of the article, the text of its research data, and even the product he or she submits as the solution to the problems presented within the commentary. This is a delicate area well worth your added investigation.

7. Missing Out on Ultimate Keyword Choices.

Within the article writing and submission chain, keyword analysis remains the lifeblood of online communication. Yet, when it comes to understanding the SEO "numbers" that accompany keyword statistical reporting, countless authors and webmasters continue to miss the mark.

Essentially, there are three different numbers that can truly make a difference in your overall campaign, page, or search engine positioning. Yet, perhaps the most important of these, purely from an SEO article submission perspective, would be the actual number of monthly searches in the region where your pages will appear. Even Google uses this number to decide whether your site or that of another business, firm, or individual will gain the opportunity to answer the specific queries made by consumers and surfers.

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