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How to Be More Positive

     Do you want to feel happier, luckier and like you have a more abundant life? You'll want to master the law of attraction and that's exactly what I will share with you so that you can spend more days on the beach, with family and otherwise living the life of your dreams.

While there are many approaches to answering how to be more positive, I'm going to share one that has worked and is continually working for me to draw more of what I want into my life and feel happier about what I do have.

How to Be More Positive – Video Explanation Available at:

I'll start by sharing my story.

There was a time when I was younger when I was very cynical, negative, quick to anger and critical of others.

I used to cut myself down about my performance. When I was in university I would often question myself and talk myself down with dis-empowering thoughts.

Where did this get me?


Sound familiar?

What I realized is that the more negative I thought, the more negative things I experienced. I had no idea what the law of attraction was and how I was using it to my disadvantage.

When I discovered the law of attraction I decided to learn how to be more positive and a few things happened in my life to make the change. I recommend that these be adopted into your life as well.

The How to Be More Positive Steps

1. Read Daily – How to be More Positive

I'm not talking about fiction, I'm talking about empower stuff. Think Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, T Harv Eker, Wallace D. Wattles, Jeffrey Gitomer and so on..

While I haven't been perfect with this, I've found that I feel best when I make a point of reading for at least 30 minutes a day. I recommend reading something educational or uplifting in the morning, every morning. It will change the tone of your day.

2. Listen to Influential People – How to be More Positive

I spent a lot of time in my car driving back and fourth between cities and realized (after reading it in a Brian Tracy book) that a lot of successful people use their driving time as learning time. I tried it and it stuck.

I rarely listen to music in my car (unless I'm driving with someone else) and I've noticed that I actually look forward to driving now. This can be difficult at times because I'm a musician myself, however, I've had some of my best "aha" moments in my car.

You don't only have to read and listen to content on positivity... but material on the topic certainly does help. I'd recommend sticking to educational/self development topics that you're interested in. Ideally they should be authored by positive people that you admire. You'll learn by osmosis and almost effortlessly using this method.

Similar to reading, these audio programs will put you in a better mood and naturally make you more positive.

3. Take A Moment Every Day to Feel and Express Gratitude - How to be More Positive

One of the key Ingredients to answer how to be more positive and get more of what you want in your life is to express gratitude for the good things that you already have and experience.

I recently started making a concentrated effort to do this daily and have noticed a big change in my state of mind.

In Rhonda Byrne's book, The Magic, she explains that you can attract more of what you want into your life simply by expressing gratitude....

Think about something that you've been sort of negative about.

It could be a person, your job or challenges with money etc...

If you've picked something other than money, write 10 things that you are grateful for surrounding that topic. e.g. if it's your job you could say "I'm so happy and grateful for my Job because it has allowed me to feed my family" or "it has given me valuable experience that I can take anywhere".

Do this and you'll magically come into a better employment circumstance.

If the issue is money, write down ten times that you were given money in a statement of gratitude. You may need to think back a while (to your childhood or the last time that someone took you out to dinner with no strings attached. Remember, any occurrence of something that costs money being given, counts. e.g dinners, clothes, gifts, car rides etc...). For each occurrence, state "I am so happy and grateful for____ because_____"

Remember to get into detail about why you are grateful and actually feel it. The more detail you give, the more you will feel it.

After you've addressed areas of concern, make a habit of stating every day with ten things you are grateful for.

The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on, you will get more of. Focus on gratitude and you'll have much more to be grateful for.. and much more to be positive about.

4. Visualization - How to be More Positive

This is something I've always slacked on and am now finally getting clear on. To properly take advantage of the law of attraction a person needs to become absolutely clear on what it is that they want.

This should also be done daily to help draw you toward your ideal circumstance.

Take a moment to look at my How do you Become Rich post for details on how to properly visualize.

How to Be More Positive – Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading on How to be More Positive. Please visit my blog for a free video on the changes I've made in my life with positivity:

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Andrew Hines is an entrepreneur and inspiration advocate. To learn more about how to be more positive, visit his blog post.

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